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PFS StandardSummon DragonSpell 5

Source Core Rulebook pg. 375 2.0
Traditions arcane
Deity Shizuru
Cast Three ActionsThree Actions material, somatic, verbal
Range 30 feet
Duration sustained up to 1 minute
You conjure a dragon to fight for you. This works like summon animal, except you summon a common creature that has the dragon trait and whose level is 5 or lower, such as those below.
Heightened (6th) Level 7.
Heightened (7th) Level 9.
Heightened (8th) Level 11.
Heightened (9th) Level 13.
Heightened (10th) Level 15.

Level 1 Dragons

House Drake

Level 2 Dragons

Shadow Drake, Tatzlwyrm

Level 3 Dragons

River Drake

Level 5 Dragons

Flame Drake

Level 6 Dragons

Jungle Drake, Sea Drake, Wyvern, Young White Dragon

Level 7 Dragons

Frost Drake, Young Black Dragon, Young Brass Dragon

Level 8 Dragons

Desert Drake, Young Copper Dragon, Young Green Dragon

Level 9 Dragons

Dragon Turtle, Young Blue Dragon, Young Bronze Dragon, Zombie Dragon

Level 10 Dragons

Adult White Dragon, Peluda, Young Red Dragon, Young Silver Dragon

Level 11 Dragons

Adult Black Dragon, Adult Brass Dragon, Young Gold Dragon

Level 12 Dragons

Adult Copper Dragon, Adult Green Dragon

Level 13 Dragons

Adult Blue Dragon, Adult Bronze Dragon

Level 14 Dragons

Adult Red Dragon, Adult Silver Dragon

Level 15 Dragons

Adult Gold Dragon