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PFS StandardTempt FateFocus 4

Uncommon Cleric Divination Fortune 
Source Core Rulebook pg. 397 3.0
Domain fate
Cast somatic; Trigger You or an ally within range attempts a saving throw
Range 120 feet; Targets the triggering creature
You twist the forces of fate to make a moment dire or uneventful, with no in-between. The target gains a +1 status bonus to the triggering saving throw. If the saving throw's result is a success, it becomes a critical success. If it's a failure, it becomes a critical failure, and the critical failure can't be reduced by abilities that usually reduce critical failure, such as improved evasion.

If the triggering ability did not have both a critical success and critical failure condition, tempt fate fails, but you don't expend the Focus Point for Casting this Spell.

    Heightened (8th) The bonus on the saving throw is +2.