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PFS StandardGenie

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 138 2.0
Through lineage, magic, or wishes made real, the blood of a noble genie flows through your veins.

Spell List arcane
Bloodline Skills Arcana, Deception
Granted Spells cantrip: detect magic, 1st: illusory disguise, 2nd: variable, 3rd: enthrall, 4th: creation, 5th: variable, 6th: true seeing, 7th: energy aegis, 8th: variable, 9th: resplendent mansion
Bloodline Spells initial: genie's veil, advanced: heart's desire, greater: wish-twisted form
Blood Magic Your spellcasting warps reality and distracts your foes. Either you gain a +1 status bonus to Deception checks for 1 round, or a target takes a –1 status penalty to Perception for 1 round.

Genie Type

At 1st level, choose the type of genie that influenced your bloodline: janni, djinni, efreeti, marid, or shaitan. You can't change your genie type later. This determines what granted spells you receive at 2nd, 5th, and 8th level.