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PFS StandardSage's LashItem 18

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 189
Price 24,000 gp
Usage worn belt; Bulk 1
The thin, glittering strands of rope that comprise this thick belt appear to be spun gold. Strung along the front of the belt are a collection of four multicolored, perfectly spherical beads: jade, turquoise, quartz, and amethyst. While wearing the lash, you gain a +3 item bonus to Religion. When you invest the belt, you either increase your Wisdom score by 2 or to 18, whichever would give you a higher score.

Activate Two ActionsTwo Actions command, Interact; Effect You touch one of the jewels affixed to the sage's lash and speak a command word. Depending on the jewel, a different effect is produced that affects you and all living creatures in a 30-foot emanation. After the effect occurs, all four jewels disappear from the lash, reappearing at the next dawn.
  • Jade (healing, positive) Speak “purity” to produce a wave of green light that ends any sickened condition and any ongoing poison damage affecting creatures in the emanation.
  • Turquoise Speak “clarity” to grant all affected a +2 status bonus to their next Will save for 1 minute.
  • Quartz (healing, positive) Speak “lenity” to have each creature regain 30 Hit Points.
  • Amethyst (divination, light, revelation) Speak “verity” to emit a magical trail of light from the lash that reveals the location of each creature in the emanation. For 1 round, if they would be invisible, they become concealed instead, and if they would be undetected or unnoticed by a creature, they're hidden instead. A creature can attempt a DC 43 Stealth check to avoid the lash's detection.