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PFS LimitedDragonscale AmuletItem 15

This Item is from the Age of Ashes Adventure Path and may contain Spoilers

Source Pathfinder #148: Fires of the Haunted City pg. 75
Price 5,800 gp
Usage worn
This amulet is made from the scales of five ancient dragons. You gain resistance 5 to acid, cold, electricity, fire, and poison. If you take damage of one of these types from a dragon’s Breath Weapon, the amulet begins to glow brightly; for the next 10 minutes, your resistance against that type of damage increases to 20. If you are subjected to a dragon’s frightful presence, you can roll your saving throw twice and use the higher result to determine the aura’s effects. This is a fortune effect.

Activate Two ActionsTwo Actions command; Frequency once per day; Effect You exude an aura that terrifies all foes in a 60-foot radius, as the frightful presence ability with a DC 34 Will save.