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PFS StandardVictory PlateItem 9+

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 264
Usage worn armor; Bulk 4
The metal plates of this +1 resilient full plate are covered by a bright tabard featuring a distinctive coat of arms divided into four fields. This insignia magically records your recent victories, displaying one triumph in each field of the coat of arms, allowing you to call upon those victories for aid in future battles.

Activate ReactionReaction envision; Trigger You kill or destroy a creature of a level equal to or greater than your victory plate (adjusted as usual if you add fundamental runes to victory plate). This creature must have one of the traits listed in the second activation; Effect You direct the armor to commemorate your victory. The coat of arms on the armor's tabard shifts to incorporate heraldry related to the slain creature, and the victory is recorded within the tabard. If you have already recorded four victories, choose one to replace with the new victory.

Activate Two ActionsTwo Actions envision, Interact; Frequency once per hour; Effect You touch one of the tabard's four fields representing one of your victories and recall your triumph over that creature. That creature vanishes from the tabard, and for 1 minute, you gain resistance 5 to a damage type based on the creature's trait (you gain resistance to only one type, even if the creature has more than one trait that could apply):

PFS StandardVictory PlateItem 9

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 264
Price 675 gp
Bulk 4

PFS StandardVictory Plate (Greater)Item 15

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 264
Price 5,500 gp
Bulk 4
The armor is a +2 greater resilient full plate. You can use the second activation once per minute instead of once per hour, and the resistance it grants is 10, or 20 for the ooze's resistance against precision damage.