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Soul-Draining Spirit CollectorsHazard 19

Rare Complex Magical Trap 
Source Pathfinder #186: Ghost King's Rage pg. 34
Complexity Complex
Stealth +37 (legendary)
Description Four spirit collectors drain the souls from nearby creatures.
Disable DC 47 Religion (legendary) to sever the connection between Urgathoa and each spirit collector, DC 50 Thievery (legendary) to deactivate each spirit collector, or dispel magic (9th level; counteract DC 50) to counteract each spirit collector
AC 43, Fort +35, Ref +29
Hardness 33, HP 130 (BT 65); Immunities critical hits, object immunities, precision damage
Repulse [reaction] (divine, evocation, force) Trigger A creature damages a spirit collector; Effect The damaged spirit collector releases a wave of force to repel the triggering creature, dealing 4d10+20 force damage to the triggering creature, who must attempt a Reflex save. The trap then rolls initiative.

Critical Success The creature is unaffected.
Success The creature takes half damage and is pushed back 5 feet.
Failure The creature takes full damage, is pushed back 10 feet, and lands prone.
Critical Failure The creature takes double damage, is pushed back 20 feet, and lands prone.
Routine (4 actions) This trap loses 1 action each turn for each disabled spirit collector. Each spirit collector uses 1 action to drain the souls of all creatures within 30 feet, dealing 4d10+20 force damage (DC 46 basic Fortitude save). On a failed save, a creature becomes drained 1 and stupefied 1 or increases their drained and stupefied conditions by 1 (by 2 on a critical failure).