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Air RiftHazard 14

Source Pathfinder #167: Ready? Fight! pg. 17
Complexity Complex
Stealth +22 (master) to notice the sudden breeze in the theater
Description A portal to the Plane of Air rips open onstage, causing roaring winds to tear through the opera house.
Disable DC 38 Arcana (master) to sew the magical threads of the rift shut, DC 40 Nature or Survival (legendary) to open enough windows and doors to reduce its intensity, or dispel magic (7th level; counteract DC 34) to counteract the air rift
Earth Vulnerability The Elemental Plane of Air is opposed by the Plane of Earth. Any spell or magical effect with the earth trait that targets a creature or area within 50 feet of the rift deals 10 damage to the rift per spell levels (or per 2 levels for magic items, feats, and so forth). For example, a 3rd-level earthbind spell cast on a creature near the air rift deals 30 points of damage to the rift.
AC 35, Fort +30
HP 220 ; Weaknesses earth vulnerabilty
Weightlessness ReactionReaction Trigger A creature comes within 50 feet of the rift; Effect The air rift creates a shroud of subjective gravity around the creature for 1 minute. The creature can use a free action, which has the concentrate trait, to choose any direction they wish for gravity to pull them. This allows a creature to Stride along any surface or Fly in a straight line by choosing a direction into midair. For unattended objects and mindless creatures, this is microgravity: they float in place unless pushed off a surface.
Routine (1 action) Winds blow through the area in a random direction, causing creatures and objects within 50 feet of the air rift to float up, down, north, south, east, or west (roll a d6 to determine which direction). Creatures and objects in the area must attempt a DC 37 Fortitude save. If a creature is pushed into a solid object or another creature by this effect, both take 3d8+15 bludgeoning damage on impact.
Critical Success The creature is unaffected.
Success The creature is pushed 10 feet, but takes only half damage from impact.
Failure The creature is pushed 20 feet, falls prone, and takes full damage from impact.
Critical Failure The creature is pushed 40 feet, falls prone, and takes double damage from impact.