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Zaramuuns are beings of elemental sand that hide in deserts and wastelands. They disguise themselves as massive dunes before rising up to attack living creatures. The most infamous zaramuuns kill any living creatures they find, but others simply rob their victims of all metal and stone possessions before fleeing. Although zaramuuns insist they are only reclaiming what was taken from their ancestral earth, this is simple self-delusion; most zaramuuns use their stolen goods as payment and material components to conjure fiends, for Zaramuuns were exiled from the Plane of Earth after worshipping fiends who promised to give them power over other elementals. This worship gradually transformed into servitude, and now many zaramuuns believe that if they send enough souls to their masters, they will be set free.

ZaramuunCreature 16

Source Bestiary pg. 339
Perception +30; darkvision, tremorsense 60 feet
Languages Abyssal, Terran
Skills Athletics +31(+35 to disarm stone or metal objects) , Religion +26, Stealth +27(+30 in sandy terrain)
Str +9, Dex +5, Con +6, Int +0, Wis +5, Cha -1
AC 39, Fort +34, Ref +30, Will +25
HP 291; Immunities paralyzed, poison, sleep
Attack of Opportunity ReactionReaction
Speed 35 feet, burrow 35 feet; sand glide