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PFS StandardRunic ImpressionFocus 4

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 143
Cast Single ActionSingle Action somatic
Range touch; Targets you or one weapon you're wielding
Duration 1 minute
Your unarmed attacks or weapon gain the benefits of a weapon rune you choose when you cast this spell: corrosive, flaming, frost, ghost touch, returning, shock, or thundering. If you cast runic impression on a weapon, this spell ends if you cease holding the weapon.

If this spell would give a weapon more property runes than its normal maximum, one of the existing property runes (you choose) is suppressed until the spell ends. For unarmed attacks, if this spell would give you more property runes than you could have from handwraps of mighty blows, one of the existing property runes is similarly suppressed.

    Heightened (8th) Add keen to the list of runes you can choose as well as the greater types of corrosive, flaming, frost, shock, and thundering.