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PFS StandardSwarm FormFocus 4

Source Gods & Magic pg. 118 2.0
Domain swarm
Cast Two ActionsTwo Actions somatic, verbal
Duration 5 minutes
You discorporate into a swarm of Tiny creatures. While in swarm form, you have the swarm trait and you gain resistance 5 to slashing and piercing damage and weakness 5 to area and splash damage. You can fit into spaces only a few inches wide, moving your constituent creatures through the gap. You don’t gain the swarm mind ability, so you are still affected normally by mental effects. As a swarm, you can’t speak, cast spells, use manipulate actions requiring your hands, activate your magic items, or make any of your Strikes with your normal body. You can Dismiss the Spell.

    Heightened (+2) Increase your resistances and weaknesses each by 5.