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PFS StandardAnimate DeadSpell 1

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 214
Traditions arcane, divine, occult
Cast Three ActionsThree Actions material, somatic, verbal
Range 30 feet
Duration sustained up to 1 minute
Your magic dredges up a corpse or skeleton and fills it with necromantic life, and you force the dead to fight at your command. You summon a common creature that has the undead trait and whose level is –1; this creature gains the summoned trait. Heightening the spell increases the maximum level of creature you can summon.

    Heightened (2nd) Level 1
    Heightened (3rd) Level 2
    Heightened (4th) Level 3
    Heightened (5th) Level 5
    Heightened (6th) Level 7
    Heightened (7th) Level 9
    Heightened (8th) Level 11
    Heightened (9th) Level 13
    Heightened (10th) Level 15

    Level -1 Undead

    Crawling Hand, Severed Head, Skeleton Guard, Zombie Shambler

    Level 1 Undead

    Festrog, Ghoul, Plague Zombie

    Level 2 Undead

    Draugr, Flaming Skull, Ghast, Skeletal Champion, Skeletal Horse, Squirming Swill, Zombie Brute

    Level 3 Undead

    Binumir, Chimpanzee Visitant, Skeletal Giant, Trailgaunt, Wight

    Level 4 Undead

    Attic Whisperer, Ghost Commoner, Shadow, Shanrigol Heap, Vampire Spawn

    Level 5 Undead

    Bone Croupier, Giant Crawling Hand, Harpy Skeleton, Lion Visitant, Namorrodor, Poltergeist, Skaveling

    Level 6 Undead

    Abandoned Zealot, Mummy Guardian, Revenant, Sulfur Zombie, Vampire Count, Vrykolakas Spawn, Wraith, Zombie Hulk

    Level 7 Undead

    Greater Shadow, Skeletal Hulk, Specter, Totenmaske

    Level 8 Undead


    Level 9 Undead

    Baykok, Dread Wraith, Ghost Monk, Tyrannosaurus Skeleton, Zombie Dragon

    Level 10 Undead

    Clacking Skull Swarm, Ghost Mage, Graveknight, Vrykolakas Master

    Level 11 Undead

    Provincial Jiang-Shi

    Level 14 Undead

    Minister Of Tumult

    Level 15 Undead

    Soulbound Ruin