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PFS StandardAnimate DeadSpell 1

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 214 2.0
Traditions arcane, divine, occult
Cast [three-actions] material, somatic, verbal
Range 30 feet
Duration sustained up to 1 minute
Your magic dredges up a corpse or skeleton and fills it with necromantic life, and you force the dead to fight at your command. You summon a common creature that has the undead trait and whose level is –1; this creature gains the summoned trait. Heightening the spell increases the maximum level of creature you can summon.

    Heightened (2nd) Level 1
    Heightened (3rd) Level 2
    Heightened (4th) Level 3
    Heightened (5th) Level 5
    Heightened (6th) Level 7
    Heightened (7th) Level 9
    Heightened (8th) Level 11
    Heightened (9th) Level 13
    Heightened (10th) Level 15

    Level -1 Undead

    PFS StandardCrawling Hand (NE), PFS StandardPredatory Rabbit (CE), PFS StandardSevered Head (NE), PFS StandardSkeleton Guard (NE), PFS StandardZombie Shambler (NE)

    Level 0 Undead

    PFS StandardMummified Cat (NE), PFS StandardWolf Skeleton (NE), PFS StandardZombie Snake (NE)

    Level 1 Undead

    PFS StandardFestering Gnasher (NE), PFS StandardFestrog (NE), PFS StandardGhoul (CE), Pickled Punk (NE), PFS StandardPlague Zombie (NE), PFS StandardScorned Hound (NE), PFS StandardSkeletal Soldier (NE)

    Level 2 Undead

    PFS StandardDecrepit Mummy (LE), PFS StandardDraugr (CE), PFS StandardFlaming Skull (NE), PFS StandardGhast (CE), PFS StandardHusk Zombie (NE), PFS StandardLacedon (CE), PFS StandardShredskin (NE), PFS StandardSkeletal Champion (NE), PFS StandardSkeletal Horse (NE), PFS LimitedSquirming Swill (CE), PFS StandardZombie Brute (NE)

    Level 3 Undead

    Binumir (LE), Chimpanzee Visitant (NE), PFS StandardCombusted (NE), PFS StandardDeathless Acolyte of Urgathoa (NE), PFS StandardFiddling Bones (NE), PFS StandardSkeletal Giant (NE), PFS StandardTrailgaunt (NE), PFS StandardWight (LE), PFS StandardZombie Owlbear (NE)

    Level 4 Undead

    PFS StandardAttic Whisperer (NE), PFS StandardGhost Commoner (CE), PFS StandardShadow (CE), Shanrigol Heap (N), PFS StandardVampire Spawn (CE)

    Level 5 Undead

    PFS StandardBog Mummy (LE), Crawling Hand Swarm (NE), PFS StandardGhul (CE), PFS StandardGiant Crawling Hand (NE), PFS StandardHarpy Skeleton (NE), PFS StandardIruxi Ossature (N), Lion Visitant (NE), PFS StandardNamorrodor (CE), PFS StandardPoltergeist (LE), PFS StandardPriest of Kabriri (CE), PFS StandardSkaveling (CE), PFS StandardSkeletal Mage (NE), PFS StandardTaunting Skull (NE), PFS StandardWithered (NE)

    Level 6 Undead

    PFS StandardAbandoned Zealot (CE), PFS StandardBeetle Carapace (NE), PFS StandardHungry Ghost (N), PFS StandardMummy Guardian (LE), PFS StandardRevenant (LN), PFS StandardSulfur Zombie (NE), PFS StandardVampire Count (CE), PFS StandardVrykolakas Spawn (NE), PFS StandardWraith (LE), PFS StandardZombie Hulk (NE)

    Level 7 Undead

    Cyclops Zombie (NE), PFS StandardGreater Shadow (CE), PFS StandardSkeletal Hulk (NE), PFS StandardSpecter (LE), PFS StandardTotenmaske (NE)

    Level 8 Undead

    PFS StandardDrake Skeleton (NE), PFS StandardGhost Pirate Captain (CE), PFS StandardMohrg (CE), PFS StandardRaw Nerve (NE), PFS StandardVetalarana Emergent (CE), Zombie Mammoths (NE)

    Level 9 Undead

    PFS StandardBaykok (CE), PFS StandardDread Wraith (LE), PFS RestrictedGeist (CE), Ghost Monk (LN), PFS StandardTyrannosaurus Skeleton (NE), PFS StandardZombie Dragon (NE)

    Level 10 Undead

    PFS StandardClacking Skull Swarm (NE), Cursed King (CE), PFS StandardGhost Mage (CE), PFS StandardGraveknight (LE), PFS StandardVrykolakas Master (NE)

    Level 11 Undead

    PFS StandardBhuta (NE), PFS StandardCorpseroot (NE), PFS StandardProvincial Jiang-Shi (CE), PFS StandardUnrisen (NE), Xae (CN), PFS StandardZombie Mammoth (NE)

    Level 12 Undead

    PFS StandardLlorona (NE)

    Level 13 Undead

    Fionn (CE), PFS StandardSilent Stalker (LN), PFS StandardSkeletal Titan (NE), PFS RestrictedVanyver (CE)

    Level 14 Undead

    PFS StandardMinister Of Tumult (LE), PFS RestrictedTormented (CE)

    Level 15 Undead

    PFS StandardGallowdead (NE), PFS StandardHollow Serpent (NE), Shraen Graveknight (CE), Soulbound Ruin (NE), PFS RestrictedSykever (CE)