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PFS StandardSinging ShortbowItem 14+

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 189
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk 1
Rather than a normal bowstring, this +2 greater striking thundering composite shortbow has a string made of animal gut, much like a musical instrument's. When you shoot the bow, it releases a soft musical note—sonorous if your aim is true and discordant if your shot goes off-target.

Activate Two ActionsTwo Actions command (auditory); Frequency once per hour; Effect You sing, hum, or whistle a note, and your bow provides appropriate accompaniment. Make a Strike with the bow. If it hits, the bow generates a magical effect determined by the note you sung, which has the traits indicated in parentheses. This affects every creature in a 10-foot emanation from the creature you hit. As normal for an emanation, you choose whether the creature you hit is affected.

Singing ShortbowItem 14

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 189
Price 4,500 gp
Bulk 1

Singing Shortbow (Greater)Item 18

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 189
Price 22,500 gp
Bulk 1
The weapon is a +3 greater striking greater thundering composite shortbow, the healing and damage are 5d10, and the DC is 38.