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Mukradi Summoning RunesHazard 15

Uncommon Complex Magical Trap 
Source Pathfinder #154: Siege of the Dinosaurs pg. 35
Complexity Complex
Stealth +25 (master) to notice runes marked on the floor.
Description Barely visible runes are etched into the stone floor in a 20-foot diameter circle.
Disable DC 36 Acrobatics to approach without triggering the trap followed by DC 34 Occultism (expert) or DC 38 Thievery (master) to erase the rune, or dispel magic (8th level; counteract DC 34) to counteract the rune
Summon Monster (conjuration, occult, summon) Trigger A creature enters the circle without uttering the passphrase, “Praise to the Water Lizard”; Effect The trap summons a mukradi. The mukradi rolls initiative and remains for 1 minute, after which the spell ends and the mukradi disappears. The mukradi also disappears if someone disables the trap before the duration expires. The mukradi can use 3 actions each round and can use reactions, unlike most summoned creatures.
Reset The trap resets at the first high tide of each day.