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Intellect Devourer

Intellect devourers serve as advance scouts and infiltrators for the powerful force of alien beings called the Dominion of the Black. These monsters roam the Darklands, from which they mount secret invasions of the world above. When an intellect devourer infiltrates a society, its first priority is to acquire a body. It might first seek out a graveyard for a fresh corpse, as this is easier than fighting and killing someone. When the aberration compresses itself into the host's brain cavity, its real body goes dull to sensation as it connects to the nervous system of its host. If found out, an intellect devourer might quickly inhabit a new body to make its escape, preferably something inconspicuous such as a domestic animal.

Recall Knowledge - Aberration (Occultism): DC 26

Intellect DevourerCreature 8

Source Bestiary 2 pg. 147 2.0
Perception +16; darkvision, lifesense 60 feet
Languages Aklo, Common, Undercommon; can't speak any languages; telepathy 100 feet
Skills Athletics +14, Deception +20, Diplomacy +16, Occultism +17, Society +17, Stealth +18
Str +2, Dex +4, Con +4, Int +5, Wis +4, Cha +6
AC 26; Fort +14, Ref +16, Will +18
HP 130; Immunities blinded, controlled, emotion, possession
Speed 35 feet
Melee Single ActionSingle Action talon +18 [+14/+10] (agile, finesse), Damage 2d10+5 slashingOccult Innate Spells DC 27; 4th confusion, globe of invulnerability; 3rd soothe (×3); 2nd gentle repose, invisibility (at will; self only), paranoia (at will); Cantrips (4th) daze, detect magic, read aura
Body Thief Three ActionsThree Actions (manipulate, necromancy, occult, possession) The intellect devourer reduces in size and burrows into the brain of a creature dead for no longer than 1 day. At the start of the intellect devourer's next turn, the body revives at its maximum Hit Points, controlled by the devourer. The intellect devourer is conscious and can sense everything the possessed body could. Any effect that ends the possession kills the host body with the same effects as Exit Body. The intellect devourer can't use any of the host creature's spells with Body Thief but can use its own spells. The host body slowly decays while inhabited by the intellect devourer, becoming uninhabitable after 7 days unless preserved with gentle repose or a similar effect.Exit Body Single ActionSingle Action (move) Requirements The intellect devourer is controlling a body with Body Thief; Effect The intellect devourer leaves its host body, which dies instantly and is no longer a suitable host for any Body Thief ability. The intellect devourer appears at full size in an adjacent space.Ravage Three ActionsThree Actions The intellect devourer makes two talon Strikes against a paralyzed, restrained, or unconscious creature, using the same attack modifier as its highest attack modifier. These Strikes gain the death trait. If Ravage kills the target, the intellect devourer may use Body Thief against it as a free action.Stolen Identity While an intellect devourer uses Body Thief, it gains the ability to understand and speak all languages known by the host, as well as knowledge of the host body's abilities, identity, role in society, and personality. However, it does not gain the specific memories or knowledge of the host body.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Sensation Seekers

Intellect devourers steal bodies to experience the physical sensations denied their nearly invulnerable natural forms. Each new body brings the opportunity to explore new vistas of taste, touch, and pain. Intellect devourers occupying a body fear little but discovery, and even that simply puts a temporary end to their games. Harm to the host is just another sensation to experience, and replacement bodies are easy to find.