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Black Scorpion

With a carapace the color of polished obsidian and a penchant for attacking villages, this humongous scorpion is one of the desert's most frightening predators. A black scorpion measures 60 feet from tip to the base of its stinger.

Recall Knowledge - Animal (Nature): DC 34

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Black ScorpionCreature 15

Source Bestiary 2 pg. 234 2.0
Perception +27; darkvision, tremorsense (imprecise) 90 feet
Skills Athletics +30
Str +9, Dex +4, Con +6, Int -5, Wis +6, Cha -4
AC 38; Fort +29, Ref +25, Will +25
HP 275
Speed 50 feet
Melee Single ActionSingle Action pincer +30 [+26/+22] (agile, reach 30 feet), Damage 3d12+15 slashing plus GrabMelee Single ActionSingle Action stinger +30 [+25/+20] (reach 30 feet), Damage 3d8+15 piercing plus black scorpion venomBlack Scorpion Venom (poison) Saving Throw DC 36 Fortitude; Maximum Duration 6 rounds; Stage 1 2d12 poison damage and clumsy 2 (1 round); Stage 2 3d12 poison damage, clumsy 2, and slowed 1 (1 round); Stage 3 4d12 poison damage, clumsy 4, and slowed 2 (1 round)Greater Constrict Single ActionSingle Action 2d12+12 bludgeoning, DC 36Rapid Stinging Two ActionsTwo Actions The black scorpion makes three stinger Strikes, each against a different target. Its multiple attack penalty applies to each attack, but the penalty increases only after all the attacks have been made.

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Source Bestiary pg. 285
Chitinous scourges of deserts, forests, savannas, and badlands, scorpions are deadly arachnids with powerful pincers and a painful sting. Scorpions can be found in nearly every climate, where they hunt their prey with a mixture of patient stealth and raw strength. Most scorpions live in underground burrows, either as lone hunters or part of a larger colony. These arachnids are so feared and dangerous that in many cultures, they are treated as deities or dualistic symbols of both death and protection from said death.

Sidebar - Advice and Rules Scorpion Venom

While scorpions are often symbols of death or evil, their venom can be extracted and used for a wide variety of medical applications. A character can milk an incapacitated giant scorpion to extract raw scorpion venom, which can be used as raw materials to craft giant scorpion venom or lesser antiplague. To determine the value of ingredients you gain each day and the DC of the appropriate Medicine or Lore check, use the level 3 task entry in Table 4–2: Income Earned.

Sidebar - Additional Lore The Desert Rider

Those rescued from death in the burning sands often recount the same dying vision: a strange, silver-eyed woman whose scarlet silk tents stand on the back of a colossal black scorpion, riding out of a shattered city and leading an army of the dead across a sea of glass toward the world of the living. Millennium-old paintings on the walls of rediscovered tombs depict a similar desert rider. The identity of this red-robed woman is unknown.