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Awaken PortalRitual 3

This Ritual may contain spoilers from the Abomination Vaults Adventure Path

Source Pathfinder #163: Ruins of Gauntlight pg. 79
Cast 1 hour; Secondary Casters up to 5
Primary Check Arcana or Occultism (trained); Secondary Checks Arcana or Occultism (whichever is used for the primary check)
Range 10 ft.; Target(s) 1 portal
You attempt to reactivate a dormant gate, portal, or teleportation circle by infusing it with magical energies. This ritual must be successfully performed twice, once at each location the portal connects. While the teleportation circles and portals found in the Abomination Vaults require no additional cost to awaken, other portals might require rare items or specific materials as a cost for this ritual at the GM's discretion—some portals might even be so powerful that this ritual cannot awaken them at all.

The DC required to successfully awaken a portal varies based on the strength and distance between its end points. For the portals found in the Abomination Vaults Adventure Path, the DC varies according to the dungeon level on which it is located. Use the DCs by Spell Level section of Table 10–5 to determine the DC for a portal, using the dungeon level in place of spell level. Thus, activating the portal on the first level of the Abomination Vaults requires a successful DC 15 check, while activating the portal on the fourth level requires a successful DC 23 check.

Critical Success You awaken the portal. If its other side is awakened, the portal can be used normally and won't deactivate naturally. If its other side is not awakened, this side remains awakened for 1 year, possibly allowing you enough time to find and awaken the connecting portal.
Success As critical success, but if the portal's other side is not awakened, this side remains awakened for only 1d6 days before it fades and falls dormant again.
Failure You fail to activate the portal, and magical backlash leaves you stupefied 1 for 24 hours.
Critical Failure As failure, but in addition, a hostile creature is drawn through the portal and immediately attacks anyone present. The creature drawn through the portal varies, according to the portal's nature; in the Abomination Vaults, the creature conjured depends on the dungeon level where the ritual was attempted, as listed below.

First Level vampiric mist
Second Level scalathrax
Third Level gibbering mouther
Fourth Level will-o'-wisp
Fifth Level soul eater
Sixth Level voidglutton
Seventh Level dread wraith
Eighth Level ghost mage
Ninth Level gosreg
Tenth Level shining child