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PFS StandardPest FormSpell 1

Source Core Rulebook pg. 356 2.0
Traditions arcane, primal
Deities Bastet, Daikitsu, Grandmother Spider
Cast Two ActionsTwo Actions somatic, verbal
Duration 10 minutes
You transform into the battle form of a Tiny animal, such as a cat, insect, lizard, or rat. You can decide the specific type of animal (such as a rat or praying mantis), but this has no effect on the form's Size or statistics. While in this form, you gain the animal trait. You can Dismiss the spell.

You gain the following statistics and abilities:
  • AC = 15 + your level. Ignore your armor's check penalty and Speed reduction.
  • Speed 10 feet.
  • Weakness 5 to physical damage. (If you take physical damage in this form, you take 5 additional damage.)
  • Low-light vision and imprecise scent 30 feet.
  • Acrobatics and Stealth modifiers of +10, unless your own modifier is higher; Athletics modifier –4.

    Heightened (4th) You can turn into a flying creature, such as a bird, which grants you a fly Speed of 20 feet.