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PFS StandardDeck of IllusionsItem 6

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 182
Price 200 gp
Usage held in 2 hands
This set of 34 parchment cards usually comes in a velvet bag or simple leather wrap. Each card depicts a different creature, monster, or other being that, when the deck is activated, immediately appears as a believable, life-size illusion. You can look at the card's artwork, but no magical effect takes place until you Activate the deck, shuffling and drawing randomly.

Activate Single ActionSingle Action envision, Interact; Effect You draw a card, chosen randomly from the remaining cards in the deck, and throw it to the ground to create an illusion of the creature depicted. The image is an illusory creature, except it has a range of only 30 feet from where the card was thrown and the illusion lasts until destroyed or until anyone moves or damages the card. The creature takes its actions once on your turn if you're within 60 feet of the card and Sustain the Activation. The illusion ends if you don't Sustain it, or if you activate a new card from the deck.

Deck Of Illusions Cards

You can use playing cards or Tarot cards as proxies for the cards in a deck of illusions.
CreaturePlaying CardTarot Card
Iron golemAce of clubsAce of wands
Centaur2 of clubs2 of wands
Greater shadow8 of clubs8 of wands
Earth mephit9 of clubs9 of wands
Hill giant10 of clubs10 of wands
Gelatinous cubeJack of clubsJack of wands
PixieQueen of clubsQueen of wands
Arboreal wardenKing of clubsKing of wands
Glabrezu (demon)Ace of diamondsAce of pentacles
Chimera2 of diamonds2 of pentacles
Warg8 of diamonds8 of pentacles
Troll9 of diamonds9 of pentacles
Yeti10 of diamonds10 of pentacles
HarpyJack of diamondsJack of pentacles
HydraQueen of diamondsQueen of pentacles
SphinxKing of diamondsKing of pentacles
Red dragonAce of heartsAce of cups
Hyaenodon2 of hearts2 of cups
Bugbear8 of hearts8 of cups
Ettin9 of hearts9 of cups
Cloud giant10 of hearts10 of cups
Giant mantisJack of heartsJack of cups
MammothQueen of heartsQueen of cups
TyrannosaurusKing of heartsKing of cups
LichAce of spadesAce of swords
Dryad queen2 of spades2 of swords
Giant scorpion8 of spades8 of swords
Troll9 of spades9 of swords
Frost giant10 of spades10 of swords
BoarJack of spadesJack of swords
MedusaQueen of spadesQueen of swords
Leaf leshyKing of spadesKing of swords
Deck activatorJoker (black)0. The Fool
Deck activator's greatest fearJoker (red)XV. The Devil