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Gelatinous Cube

Found underground or in dungeons, these quivering cubes of slime continuously scour their domain for food. The acid in their bodies is weak enough that many gelatinous cubes still contain the gear of their victims, as they’re unable to break them down.

Gelatinous CubeCreature 3

Source Bestiary pg. 254
Perception +5; motion sense 60 feet, no vision
Skills Athletics +11(+13 to Shove)
Str +4, Dex -5, Con +5, Int -5, Wis +0, Cha -5
Motion Sense A gelatinous cube can sense nearby motion through vibration and air movement.
Transparent A gelatinous cube is so clear that it’s difficult to spot. A successful DC 23 Perception check is required to notice a stationary cube, and a creature must be Searching to attempt this check. A creature that walks into the cube is automatically Engulfed (this usually causes the GM to call for initiative).
AC 10, Fort +12, Ref +0, Will +5
HP 90; Immunities acid, critical hits, mental, precision, unconscious, visual; Resistances electricity 5
Speed 15 feet

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Source Bestiary pg. 254
Slimes, molds, and other oozes can be found in dank dungeons and shadowed forests. While not necessarily evil, some grow to enormous sizes and have insatiable appetites.