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Ooze, Gunpowder

Gunpowder oozes are explosive gunpowder given life. By necessity, crafters of explosives and firearms are a careful lot, but even the best safety habits can be thwarted by greed, distraction, or carelessness. The release of toxic byproducts from gunsmithing would be an environmental problem anywhere, but when volatile runoff seeps into the Mana Wastes, it can interact with wild magic, causing a living, explosive nightmare.

A gunpowder ooze is a pockmarked, charcoal gray mass that slithers across the blighted verge between Alkenstar and the Mana Wastes with the sound of sizzles and sudden pops. It pursues and consumes any sort of organic matter, firing bullet-like projectiles to bring down prey. The ooze instinctively avoids fire, so travelers forced to camp in known gunpowder ooze territory often light bonfires despite the danger of advertising their presence to the Mana Wastes' other residents. Suggestions that local populations of oozes be weaponized, periodically put forward by unwise Alkenstari and Mana Waste tacticians, are uniformly shot down by cooler heads; those who attempt to proceed anyway usually meet explosive ends.

Recall Knowledge - Ooze (Occultism): DC 32
Unspecific Lore: DC 30
Specific Lore: DC 27

Elite | Normal | Weak
Proficiency without Level

Gunpowder OozeCreature 14

N Large Mindless Ooze 
Source Impossible Lands pg. 334
Perception +22; motion sense 120 feet, no vision
Skills Athletics +28
Str +8, Dex +3, Con +6, Int -5, Wis +2, Cha -5
Motion Sense A gunpowder ooze can sense nearby creatures through vibration and air or water movement.
AC 29; Fort +28, Ref +21, Will +24
HP 400; Immunities critical hits, mental, piercing, precision, slashing, unconscious, visual; Weaknesses fire 20
Combust Due to the volatile nature of its composition, the gunpowder ooze reacts explosively when exposed to open flame. Any time the gunpowder ooze takes fire damage from a source other than a gunpowder ooze's combust or gunpowder residue, it explodes, dealing 15d6 fire damage to creatures in a 15- foot emanation including itself (DC 34 basic Reflex save). When the gunpowder ooze combusts, it automatically splits as long as it has 10 or more HP.Split When a gunpowder ooze that has 10 or more HP is hit by an attack that would deal slashing or piercing damage, it splits into two identical oozes, each with half the original's HP. One ooze is in the same space as the original, and the other is in an adjacent, unoccupied space. If no adjacent space is unoccupied, it automatically pushes creatures and objects out of the way to fill a space (the GM decides if an object or creature is too big or heavy to push).
Speed 20 feet, climb 20 feet
Melee pseudopod +29 [+24/+19] (reach 10 feet), Damage 3d12+14 bludgeoning plus gunpowder residueRanged blast +26 [+21/+16] (propulsive, range increment 60 feet), Damage 3d8+10 bludgeoning plus 3d6 fire and gunpowder residueGunpowder Residue (fire) A creature hit by the gunpowder ooze's pseudopod or blast is coated in explosive material unless it succeeds at a DC 34 Reflex save. If a creature makes an attack with a firearm, takes fire damage, or uses an action, activity, or item with the fire trait while coated with the residue, the residue explodes, dealing 7d6 damage to the creature and all adjacent creatures (DC 34 basic Reflex save). The residue remains active for 24 hours, until it's ignited, or until it's scrubbed off (an activity that takes at least 10 minutes and requires soap and water). A creature can only be coated with one layer of gunpowder residue at a time.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Volatile Ingredient

Sandrolus Steg, one of Alkenstar's most infamous crafters of alchemical ammunition, once tried to cultivate a pod of gunpowder oozes as an unlimited source of incendiary material. Luckily, his research notes were lost in the explosion that destroyed his lab.

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Source Bestiary pg. 254
Slimes, molds, and other oozes can be found in dank dungeons and shadowed forests. While not necessarily evil, some grow to enormous sizes and have insatiable appetites.

Sidebar - Related Creatures Amoebas Large and Small

Giant amoebas and amoeba swarms are usually found near each other, as the two oozes are part of the same life cycle. When a giant amoeba grows large enough, it can spontaneously split apart into two separate amoeba swarms, and when an amoeba swarm feeds enough, its individual components can fuse together into a single creature.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Oozing Acid

Many oozes have acidic attacks that can quickly degrade flesh, wood, and even stronger materials. Some believe that oozes are the result of alchemical or magical experimentation run amok, while others postulate that they simply emerged from the natural processes of evolution.

Sidebar - Related Creatures Other Oozes

Many varieties of these nearly mindless predators exist in the world. Some are mere variants, with different colored puddings, jellies, and oozes with little to differentiate them from those presented here other than their habitat. Others are more specialized, or even dangerously intelligent. The shoggoth is one such example, but another variety of deadly and powerful ooze is the thankfully rare blight, a creature composed of protoplasm and eyes that curses entire regions with its presence.