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Source Bestiary 3 pg. 30
Beheaded are the reanimated heads of decapitation victims. These mindless undead fly through the air or roll around to attack their prey.

Beheaded Abilities

Beheaded can manifest with a variety of abilities, such as those presented below.

Bleeding The beheaded is covered in slimy blood. The target of a successful Strike is splattered with gore and must succeed at a Fortitude save or become sickened 1.

Entangling Long, stringy hair clings to the beheaded's scalp. Its Strikes gain the Grab ability.

Fiendish (aura, divine, emotion, fear, mental, necromancy) 30 feet. The beheaded has a twisted, unsettling countenance. Foes that begin their turn in the area must succeed at a Will save or be frightened 1.

Giant A beheaded created from the head of a giant is a Medium creature, gaining 2 levels and one or more additional beheaded abilities.


Flaming Skull (Creature 2), Severed Head (Creature -1)

Sidebar - Advice and Rules More Beheaded Abilities

Since beheaded are very similar to skeletons or zombies (or at least the heads from those creatures), you can also customize them with abilities from the skeleton and zombie entries, though take care to avoid abilities that require bodies or limbs. If you give the beheaded more than one additional ability, you might want to increase its level and adjust its statistics accordingly. Use the guidelines in Chapter 2 of the Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide to determine its new statistics.