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Streams run dry. The earth cracks. Green leaves brown and shatter. And the creature walks on.

The faceless, unknowable tolokands wander the land, bringing desolation with every footfall—belching poisonous smoke, blighting plant life, cracking the earth asunder, and even staining the ground with their foul blood. They turn habitable places into wastelands, which has earned tolokands the name “waste walkers.” These walking forces of destruction don't make their motives known. They remain unmoved by any pleas or threats levied at them, and they fight off attacks only so that they can return to their grim business. However, they have one consistent tendency: they travel to environments on the brink. A tolokand appears in a land wracked by famine or a natural disaster to give it the last push into oblivion.

Tolokands are mercifully few in number. Since they appear so rarely, it's unclear whether there are just a few individuals or several dozen. Clearly, more than one exists, though, because their patterned soles are as distinctive as fingerprints. Often, these smoking footprints are all that remain in a blighted land.

Recall Knowledge - Aberration (Occultism): DC 39

Elite | Normal | Weak

TolokandCreature 15

Source Bestiary 3 pg. 272
Perception +27; darkvision, smoke vision
Languages no voice; tongues
Skills Acrobatics +25, Athletics +29, Intimidation +22, Survival +31
Str +8, Dex +6, Con +7, Int +5, Wis +6, Cha -3
Smoke Vision Smoke doesn't impair a tolokand's vision; it ignores the concealed condition from smoke.
AC 36; Fort +30, Ref +25, Will +25; +2 status to all saves vs. primal magic
HP 245; Immunities disease, immobilized, poison; Resistances acid 15, negative 15
Heartless Furnace (aura, conjuration, occult) 50 feet, 2d6 poison damage (DC 34 basic Fortitude save). The poisonous smoke that bellows from a tolokand makes all creatures inside it concealed, and all creatures outside the smoke are concealed to creatures within it.
Inexorable The tolokand recovers from the paralyzed, slowed, and stunned conditions at the end of its turn. It's also immune to penalties to its Speeds and ignores difficult terrain and greater difficult terrain.
Toxic Blood When a creature scores a critical hit against the tolokand with a piercing or slashing Strike, the tolokand's poisonous, oily blood sprays forth. Any creature within 5 feet of the tolokand takes 3d6 poison damage (DC 34 basic Reflex save). Any non-creature plants the blood spills on die.
Speed 120 feet; air walk
Melee Single ActionSingle Action hand +31 [+26/+21] (reach 10 feet), Damage 2d12+16 slashing plus 2d6 persistent poisonOccult Spontaneous Spells DC 37; 8th cloudkill, earthquake, horrid wilting, volcanic eruption (3 slots)
Occult Innate Spells DC 37; 4th earthbind (at will), haste (at will; self only); 2nd sudden blight (at will); Constant (5th) air walk, endure elements, tongues
Blighted Footfalls Whenever the tolokand ends a move action during which it moved 30 feet or farther, it automatically casts one of its innate spells as a free action.Sudden Destruction Single ActionSingle Action Requirements The tolokand hasn't cast any of its spontaneous spells this turn; Effect The tolokand casts one of its spontaneous spells, using up the spell slot normally. The tolokand can't cast any further spontaneous spells this turn and can't use this ability again for 1d4 rounds

Sidebar - Additional Lore Walkers and Horsemen

Though tolokands slowly push the world toward destruction, they don't follow deities of destruction, such as Rovagug or the Four Horsemen. Priests of Rovagug tend to see tolokands as kindred spirits, but opinion differs among the Horsemen's followers. Some approve of any force accelerating destruction, but others believe the apocalypse must come at the Horsemen's direction.