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Watchtower Wraith

This creature did not include a description.

Recall Knowledge - Undead (Religion): DC 45

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Watchtower WraithCreature 16

Source Pathfinder #166: Despair on Danger Island pg. 36
Variant wraith
Perception +28; darkvision, lifesense 60 feet
Languages Necril, Tien
Skills Acrobatics +29, Intimidation +32, Stealth +29
Str -5, Dex +6, Con +0, Int +2, Wis +5, Cha +9
Lifesense (divination, divine) Wraiths sense the vital essence of living and undead creatures within the listed range.
Site Bound The wraith is tied to its watchtower.
AC 39; Fort +22, Ref +28, Will +28; +1 status to all saves vs. positive
HP 285 (negative healing); Immunities death effects, disease, paralyzed, poison, precision, unconscious; Resistances all 15 (except force, ghost touch, or positive; double resistance vs. non-magical)
Attack of Opportunity ReactionReaction
Sunlight Powerlessness A wraith caught in sunlight is stunned 2 and clumsy 2.
Rejuvenation (necromancy, occult) When the watchtower wraith is destroyed, it re-forms, fully healed, at the watchtower after 12 hours. Destroying the wraith and lighting its watchtower's brazier permanently destroys it.
Speed fly 40 feet
Melee Single ActionSingle Action spectral hand +32 [+27/+22] (finesse), Damage 3d8+14 negative plus drain lifeDrain Life (divine, necromancy) When the wraith damages a living creature with its spectral hand Strike, the wraith gains 15 temporary Hit Points and the creature must succeed at a DC 36 Fortitude save or become drained 1. Further damage dealt by the wraith increases the amount of drain by 1 on a failed save to a maximum of drained 4.Wraith Spawn (divine, necromancy) A living humanoid slain by a wraith's spectral hand Strike rises as a wraith spawn after 1d4 rounds. This wraith spawn is under the command of the wraith that killed it. It doesn't have drain life or wraith spawn and becomes clumsy 2 for as long as it is a wraith spawn. If the creator of the wraith spawn dies, the wraith spawn becomes a full-fledged, autonomous wraith; it regains its free will, gains Wraith Spawn, and is no longer clumsy.