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Kallas Devil

Bearing a resemblance to the flayed nuckelavee that lurks in stagnant swamps, the Kallas Devil distinguishes herself by being able to separate herself from her mount without issue, as well as with her powers of disguise and subtlety. Though her wicked trident and violent fury are enough to sear her image into the minds of the local people, it's the Kallas Devil's ability to slip unseen among her would-be victims that elevates the creature beyond the ranks of a common horror. No matter how careful the residents of Riverton are with their youth and the vulnerable, the Kallas Devil claims her chosen target more often than not, luring the hapless victim toward doom while wearing a smiling child's face.

Recall Knowledge - Humanoid (Society): DC 36
Unspecific Lore: DC 34
Specific Lore: DC 31

Elite | Normal | Weak
Proficiency without Level

Kallas DevilCreature 9

Source Monsters of Myth pg. 46
Perception +21; darkvision, lifesense (imprecise) 30 feet, wavesense (imprecise) 30 feet
Languages Aklo, Aquan, Common, Hallit
Skills Athletics +18, Deception +18, Intimidation +18, Occultism +20, Stealth +16
Str +4, Dex +4, Con +3, Int +6, Wis +5, Cha +5
Coven The Kallas Devil adds dominate, false vision, invisibility, and subconscious suggestion to her coven's spells.
Leatherwork Once a month, the Kallas Devil can spend 1 day stitching the skin of a person into her coat. This gives her skinned cloak a +1 circumstance bonus to her AC for one week.
Skinned Steed The Kallas Devil has a horse minion known as the Skinned Steed. The horse has a swim speed equal to its standard Speed and the minion trait, and it's under the control of the Kallas Devil. The Kallas Devil automatically succeeds at all checks to Command the Skinned Steed. While mounted on the Skinned Steed, the Kallas Devil fuses with the horse, causing the two to become a single being. The Skinned Steed doesn't act on its own while fused with the Kallas Devil, instead acting as the Devil's legs to move around the battlefield. The Kallas Devil doesn't command the Skinned Steed in this state and instead replaces her Speeds with the mount's speeds until she dismounts. While the two are separated, the Kallas Devil needs to Command the Steed, as normal. If the Skinned Steed is killed, the Kallas Devil can replace it by spending 1 day to prepare another horse, converting it into her new Skinned Steed.
Items Devil's Trident, skinned cloak
AC 27; Fort +16, Ref +19, Will +20
HP 180; Resistances fire 5; Weaknesses cold iron 10
Frightful Presence (aura, emotion, fear, mental) 20 feet, DC 26
Loathsome Stench (aura, olfactory) 20 feet. A creature entering the aura or starting its turn in the aura must succeed at a DC 20 Fortitude save or become sickened 1 (sickened 2 on a critical failure). A creature that succeeds at its saves is temporarily immune for 1 minute.
Mount Steed Trigger The Skinned Steed enters a space adjacent to the Kallas Devil; Effect The Kallas Devil mounts the horse.
Speed 30 feet, swim 30 feet
Melee jaws +21 [+16/+11], Damage 2d12+7 piercingMelee claw +21 [+17/+13] (agile), Damage 2d8+7 slashing plus GrabMelee Devil's Trident +21 [+16/+11], Damage 2d8+7 piercing plus sewer hazeRanged Devil's Trident +21 [+16/+11] (thrown 20 feet), Damage 2d8+7 piercing plus sewer hazeOccult Innate Spells DC 28, attack +20; 5th false vision, invisibility, subconscious suggestion; 3rd haste, mind reading (at will); 2nd invisibility (at will); 1st illusory disguise (at will), sleep (at will); Constant (2nd) see invisibility
Aquatic Ambush Call Steed (auditory) Requirements The Skinned Steed hasn't been killed and is within 60 feet; Effect The Kallas Devil whistles loudly and calls for her steed, prompting the creature to Stride twice toward the Kallas Devil.Change Shape (concentrate, occult, polymorph, transmutation) The Kallas Devil can take on the appearance of any Medium or Small female humanoid. This doesn't change her Speed or her attack and damage bonuses with her Strikes but might change the damage type her Strikes deal (typically to bludgeoning).Devil's Charge Requirements The Kallas Devil is mounted on the Skinned Steed; Effect The Kallas Devil Strides twice. If she ends her movement within melee reach of at least one creature, she can make a melee Strike against that creature.Flay Alive (attack) Requirements The Kallas Devil has a creature grabbed, and it has been grabbed since her last turn. Effect The Kallas Devil flays her prey, dealing 2d12+17 slashing damage, and the target must attempt a DC 25 Fortitude save. On a failure, it becomes drained 1 (drained 2 on a critical failure). On a critical success, the creature escapes from being grabbed; otherwise, the Kallas Devil extends the grabbed condition until the end of her next turn.

Alternative Abilities

Rumors run rampant about the most mysterious and unique beings on Golarion, and any scholar who makes assumptions can easily be blindsided by reality. As the Kallas Devil takes the skin of others, she sometimes gains different abilities due to the differing natures of the souls she claims. GMs choosing to use one of these abilities can replace one of the Kallas Devil's abilities in the stat block on page 46. A GM can add two of these abilities and apply the elite adjustment to create a more powerful version of the Kallas Devil, perhaps one that has been empowered by a killing spree.

Blameless While in disguise, the Kallas Devil can attempt to keep others from noticing her Loathsome Stench by attempting a Deception check to Lie. She has a +4 circumstance bonus to this check.

Infectious Water The Kallas Devil has a vengeful streak and has the ability to infect wells and water supplies in Riverton with sewer haze. She can infect the water supply 1d6 days after the Festival of the Skinned Hooves if the ritual sacrifice of the festival isn't performed.

Underwater Views While underwater, the Kallas Devil can blend in with the surrounding environment and hide from other creatures by attempting a Stealth check. She has a +4 circumstance bonus for this check.

Cold Currents While the Kallas Devil is in water, she gains cold resistance 10 and electricity weakness 5.

Suffer the Children (aura, charm, emotion, mental) 20 feet. While the Kallas Devil is disguised as a child, any creature in the aura who is considered an adult by their culture takes a –2 circumstance penalty to checks and DCs opposing the Kallas Devil's Deception.

Freezing Touch When winter comes to Riverton, the Kallas Devil sharpens her claws with chunks of ice. When the Kallas Devil makes a jaws or claw attack, she deals an additional 1d6 cold damage.

Waterfall Torrent The Kallas Devil controls any water she touches. When the Kallas Devil is in water, she can cast hydraulic push as an occult innate spell at will.

The Skinned Steed

As the Kallas Devil constantly replaces her mount with the latest offering from the locals, the Skinned Steed doesn't have a specific stat block. Instead, the Skinned Steed can have whatever statistics you need for the story you wish to tell or combat you wish to run. The Skinned Steed should be weaker than the Kallas Devil herself and, at most, should be a 7th-level creature. Assume the typical Skinned Steed is a war horse with the elite adjustment.