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Spiral AthameItem 22

This Item may contain spoilers from the Blood Lords Adventure Path

Unique Abjuration Artifact Magical 
Source Pathfinder #186: Ghost King's Rage pg. 79
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L
Base Weapon Dagger
The pommel of this +4 major striking disruptive ghost touch high-grade silver dagger is a black glass orb that contains a tiny blue comet that spirals through the orb's interior. Strikes with the dagger deal an additional 1d8 positive damage to worshippers of Urgathoa and to anyone who has ever created or summoned an undead creature.

While the dagger is in your possession, you gain a +4 circumstance bonus to Medicine checks and to Midwifery Lore checks. If you're a worshipper of Pharasma, you gain imprecise lifesense with a range of 60 feet while holding the dagger. If you're undead or a worshipper of Urgathoa, you're stupefied 4 while holding the dagger.

Despite its utility in combat, the Spiral Athame is intended as a ritual implement, meant to bless newborns and protect them from the predations of undead. If you use the Spiral Athame to cut the umbilical cord of a newly born creature, that creature gains resistance to negative damage equal to their level (minimum 1) and gains a +2 status bonus to saving throws against death effects and necromancy. These bonuses are permanent. Additionally, that creature can never become an undead creature.

Activate command, interact (divine, necromancy); Effect You point the Spiral Athame at a corpse within 30 feet, shielding it from corruption. The Spiral Athame casts 5th-level gentle repose on the corpse.

Destruction If an undead creature uses the Spiral Athame to slay a psychopomp usher while within the Boneyard, the Spiral Athame's pommel shatters and the Spiral Athame becomes a mundane, high-grade silver dagger with no special abilities.