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The First World still holds the first rough draft of many creatures in the Material Plane, but it's hard to tell what sort of creature the ta'apundo was ever intended to be. Its bark poses significant danger to metallic objects, as it converts any metal touching it into wood as fibrous and as flexible as its own body. Capricious and skittish, ta'apundos make friends easily but consider anyone who wields or wears metal to be a hated enemy.

Recall Knowledge - Fey (Nature): DC 44
Recall Knowledge - Plant (Nature): DC 44
Unspecific Lore: DC 42
Specific Lore: DC 39

Elite | Normal | Weak
Proficiency without Level

Ta'apundoCreature 19

Rare CN Huge Fey Plant 
Source Pathfinder #174: Shadows of the Ancients pg. 85
Perception +35; low-light vision, greensight
Languages Common, Sylvan
Skills Acrobatics +35, Nature +33, Stealth +35, Survival +37
Str +6, Dex +10, Con +5, Int +0, Wis +10, Cha +6
Greensight Vegetation doesn't impair a ta'apundo's vision and doesn't provide a creature cover or concealment from a ta'apundo.
AC 45; Fort +30, Ref +35, Will +33
HP 440; Resistances wood 20; Weaknesses cold iron 20, fire 20
Wood Resistance (abjuration, primal) A ta'apundo has resistance 20 against wooden objects and unarmed attacks from creatures made mostly of wood (such as arboreals).Lignification (primal, transmutation) Trigger a non–cold iron metal object damages the ta'apundo; Effect The ta'apundo emits a jolt of magic into the object, transforming it into wood with an unlimited duration. A thrown weapon, ammunition, or other unattended item automatically transforms; the wielder of an attended object can resist this effect with a successful DC 41 Fortitude save. Dispel magic can end the effect. While a weapon is wood, the ta'apundo's resistance applies. Once transformed, a formerly metal item's Hardness and HP change to those of wood. This typically inflicts a –2 circumstance penalty to attack rolls made with metal weapons and a –2 circumstance penalty to AC for those wearing metal armor; the GM might determine a different penalty for a specific weapon or armor.
Speed 20 feet; woodland stride
Melee branch +24 [+20/+16] (agile, finesse, magical, reach 10 feet), Damage 4d8+12 bludgeoningBranch Whip The ta'apundo makes four branch Strikes against different targets, increasing its reach to 20 feet for these Strikes. These attacks count toward its multiple attack penalty, but this penalty doesn't increase until after all four attacks.Woodland Stride The ta'apundo ignores difficult and greater difficult terrain from foliage.

Sidebar - Locations Seed Survivors

The Green Mother, one of the erratic fey deities known collectively as the Eldest, planted the seeds for several ta'apundos across the world long ago. With the devastation of Earthfall and the destruction of natural places across much of the world, most ta'apundo seeds were destroyed. In the Mwangi Expanse, however, many seeds took root. Most ta'apundos that exist on Golarion—which are far fewer than the number in the First World—can be found in the Mwangi jungles.