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Agathion, Guloval

Agathions are born from petitioners who achieved enlightenment in life or after death and received Nirvana's blessing. A guloval is small in stature but fierce, appearing as an anthropomorphic wolverine with gray and black fur, a white strip down the snout, and fearsome digging claws that can be easily used as weapons.

A guloval's core value is aggressive protection, and as such, they are one of the most militant of the normally peaceful agathions. A guloval attacks with a frightening ferocity to protect others, and they particularly seek out roles as guardians of children or the elderly. Despite this compulsion to protect those who may not be able to defend themselves, gulovals are also known for grumpy temperaments and impatience with social niceties. Most prefer to live as hermits when they're not assisting someone in need.

Recall Knowledge - Celestial (Religion): DC 32
Unspecific Lore: DC 30
Specific Lore: DC 27

Elite | Normal | Weak
Proficiency without Level

GulovalCreature 12

Uncommon NG Small Agathion Celestial 
Source Pathfinder #183: Field of Maidens pg. 81
Perception +23; darkvision
Languages Celestial, Common, Draconic, Infernal; speak with animals
Skills Athletics +25, Intimidation +21, Nature +23, Nirvana Lore +22, Survival +23
Str +7, Dex +4, Con +5, Int +4, Wis +5, Cha +3
AC 32; Fort +22, Ref +21, Will +24; +1 status bonus to all saves vs. magic
HP 250; Weaknesses evil 10
Interposition Trigger A ward within the guloval's reach would take damage from a Strike, and the guloval is within the attacker's reach; Effect The guloval blocks the attack with their own body, taking the triggering attack's damage. The ward takes no damage.
Speed 25 feet, burrow 20 feet
Melee jaws +25 [+20/+15] (good, magical), Damage 3d8+13 piercing plus 1d6 goodMelee claw +25 [+21/+17] (agile, good, magical), Damage 3d4+13 slashing plus 1d6 goodDivine Innate Spells DC 32, attack +24; 6th divine wrath, remove fear, righteous might; 5th blink charge, breath of life; 4th circle of protection, remove curse; 3rd remove disease; 2nd shield other; Constant (6th) speak with animals
Righteous Wound (divine, emotion, enchantment, fear, mental) When a guloval critically hits an evil creature with any melee Strike, the evil creature becomes frightened 1. If that evil creature has damaged one of the guloval's wards within the last round, it's instead frightened 2.Shield Ward (abjuration, divine) The guloval enhances the magical link with their ward, granting that creature a +1 status bonus to its Armor Class and saving throws until the start of the guloval's next turn.Wolverine's Protection (abjuration, divine) The guloval selects a single willing ally within 30 feet as their ward; that ally can't already be the ward of another guloval. Once an ally becomes a ward, a magical link forms between the guloval and the ward, and as long as they are on the same plane and both are alive, the guloval knows the ward's direction from them, distance from them, and any conditions affecting them. A guloval can maintain this link with up to 4 wards—if they select a fifth, one of the previous wards (chosen by the guloval) loses the link and is no longer a ward.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Holoma Gulovals

A few Holoma clans maintain close relationships with gulovals who have traveled far from their home in Nirvana to dwell on Golarion. These gulovals are truly ferocious when marching into battle alongside Holoma allies. All gulovals have internal codes that help guide and prevent them from harming innocents, and those allied with Holoma families are no exception.

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Agathion, Guloval12
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Vulpinal (Fox Agathion)6


Source Bestiary 3 pg. 10
These celestial outsiders hail from Nirvana, the plane of purest good. Agathions are born from the souls of mortals who attained the enlightenment they sought in life, sometimes even after death. Because they all start out as mortals who were rewarded for their determination, self-awareness, and purity of heart, agathions are more likely than other celestials to intervene in working nonviolently against the spread of evil on the material plane. Agathions have served as moderators between the chaotic azatas and lawful archons, so they know how vital communication with mortals can be to bridge differences and ensure that evil doesn't win out.

All agathions possess animal-like aspects, some appear more anthropomorphic, while others spend most of their time in forms nearly indistinguishable from true animals. Still others prefer to shapeshift as they see fit, or present as humanoid when in the company of humanoid mortals.

Each type of agathion serves a specific role in Nirvana. Their duties and forms generally reflect the core values they cultivated in life that led them to their enlightenment. Since agathions receive their animal forms as rewards for their mortal lives, they take great insult with insinuations that they're merely magical talking beasts or—even worse—that their forms are a curse or punishment.