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Lyrakien (Wanderer Azata)

Lyrakiens are musical messengers and embodiments of free travel. They serve Desna and other deities and empyreal lords of Elysium, but are quite fond of the concept of free time and are always on the hunt for opportunities to pause in their duties to enjoy music or appreciate a moment of beauty. They love contests, stories, and songs, and they often challenge mortals to musical contests or pester them to share grand tales of their exploits. Lyrakiens rely on their agility to avoid conflicts, but they do their best to defend places of great natural beauty, especially against lawful or evil foes they can damage with their starlight. Lyrakiens have an innate wanderlust and rarely stay in the same place for very long. Some travel alongside adventurers, ofter writing songs about their quests and feats of derring-do.

Though light-hearted creatures, lyrakiens don’t let their whimsical personalities get in the way of protecting breathtaking natural locations. Often called “glistenwings” by gnomes and halflings, they are frequently mistaken for sprites or similar fey, a bit of confusion that many lyrakiens dind amusing and fertile ground for shenanigans involving those they deem deserving of a bit of unexpected fun and discord in their lives.

LyrakienCreature 1

Source Bestiary pg. 30
Perception +8; darkvision
Languages Celestial, Common, Draconic, Infernal
Skills Acrobatics +9, Diplomacy +6, Performance +8, Religion +6, Stealth +7
Str -2, Dex +4, Con +1, Int +1, Wis +3, Cha +3
AC 17, Fort +4, Ref +7, Will +6
HP 25; Weaknesses cold iron 3, evil 3
Speed 25 feet, fly 50 feet

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Lyrakien (Wanderer Azata)1


Source Bestiary pg. 30
Azatas are manifestations of freedom—kindly celestials with a penchant for curious exploration, spontaneous revelry, and whimsical quests. Born of the untamable wilds of Elysium, azatas are passionate and mercurial, but also fiercely loyal to those they hold dear. Azatas act quickly and directly against fiendish and otherworldly influences, but they tend to stay out of mortal affairs otherwise, allowing them the ultimate freedom to choose their own destiny. While all azatas cherish freedom, each type exemplifies a particular freedom above others. Many of their kind hold strange knightly and courtly titles that defy mortal classification and shift and change with time and on different occasions rather than following a strict hierarchy. This baf es archons and other more lawful creatures who haven’t had much contact with azatas. In actuality, the azatas use their titles as personal flourishes and points of pride, rather than as excuses to order each other around.