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Ghaele (Crusader Azata)

Ghaeles are fiend-hunting knights of Elysium and champions of the freedom to take up arms against oppressors and other evils. Ghaeles rarely engage directly in mortal wars, but where fiends are involved they make an exception. A ghaele might assume the guise of a mortal to fight fiends alongside others, hoping to bolster morale and teach good tactics against such supernatural foes. Ghaeles serve various deities and empyreal lords of Elysium, though many have an affinity for Cayden Cailean in his capacity as a champion of freedom and defender of the downtrodden. Among azatas, ghaeles are generally the quickest to shift to violence as a method of solving problems, but even then they seek to minimize pain and suffering when they can.

GhaeleCreature 13

Source Bestiary pg. 33
Perception +25; darkvision, see invisibility
Languages Celestial, Draconic, Infernal; tongues
Skills Acrobatics +27, Athletics +26, Diplomacy +26, Nature +23, Religion +23, Stealth +21, Warfare Lore +26
Str +7, Dex +4, Con +5, Int +3, Wis +4, Cha +5
Items +1 greatsword
AC 34, Fort +26, Ref +20, Will +23
HP 235; Resistances energy 15 (see Choose Weakness); Weaknesses cold iron 15, evil 15
Free Blade Free ActionFree Action Trigger The ghaele ends its turn while unable to act or attempts a greatsword Strike that would take a circumstance or status penalty. Effect A ghaele’s blade is implacable in the pursuit of freedom, and its energies can overpower any eflect that would interfere with its swordplay. The ghaele attempts to counteract each effect that prevents it from making a greatsword Strike, gives it a penalty to its greatsword Strike, or prevents it from acting. The ghaele can use this ability even if it’s otherwise unable to act.
Light Form A ghaele’s body is partially corporeal and partially composed of light, with a color corresponding to the elemental energy currently residing in its blade (see Choose Weakness). It can move through solid objects but can’t end its action within a solid object.
Speed 35 feet, fly 100 feet

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Source Bestiary pg. 30
Azatas are manifestations of freedom—kindly celestials with a penchant for curious exploration, spontaneous revelry, and whimsical quests. Born of the untamable wilds of Elysium, azatas are passionate and mercurial, but also fiercely loyal to those they hold dear. Azatas act quickly and directly against fiendish and otherworldly influences, but they tend to stay out of mortal affairs otherwise, allowing them the ultimate freedom to choose their own destiny. While all azatas cherish freedom, each type exemplifies a particular freedom above others. Many of their kind hold strange knightly and courtly titles that defy mortal classification and shift and change with time and on different occasions rather than following a strict hierarchy. This baf es archons and other more lawful creatures who haven’t had much contact with azatas. In actuality, the azatas use their titles as personal flourishes and points of pride, rather than as excuses to order each other around.