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The loquacious proteans known as imenteshes serve as missionaries, spies, and heralds of chaos to further the protean goal of reality's dissolution. Imenteshes are cunning, curiously diplomatic, and profoundly whimsical. They travel beyond the Maelstrom for their work, frequently adopting extravagant personal attire and decorations that often border upon the garish, all to curry favor with less chaotic beings.

Recall Knowledge - Monitor (Religion): DC 27

Elite | Normal | Weak
Proficiency without Level

ImenteshCreature 10

Source Bestiary 2 pg. 207 2.0
Perception +19; darkvision, entropy sense (imprecise) 60 feet
Languages Abyssal, Celestial, Protean; tongues
Skills Acrobatics +17, Athletics +19, Deception +21, Diplomacy +19, Performance +21, Stealth +21, Thievery +17
Str +7, Dex +5, Con +5, Int +7, Wis +3, Cha +5
Entropy Sense (divination, divine, prediction) An imentesh can anticipate the most likely location of a creature through their supernatural insight into the forces of chaotic probabilities and chance. This grants the imentesh the ability to sense creatures within the listed range. A creature under the effects of nondetection or that is otherwise shielded from divinations and predictions cannot be noticed via entropy sense.
AC 30; Fort +21, Ref +19, Will +17; +1 status to all saves vs. magic
HP 175 (fast healing 5); Resistances precision 10, protean anatomy 15; Weaknesses lawful 10
Protean Anatomy (divine, transmutation) An imentesh's vital organs shift and change shape and position constantly. Immediately after the imentesh takes acid, electricity, or sonic damage, it gains the listed amount of resistance to that damage type. This lasts for 1 hour or until the next time the protean takes damage of one of the other types (in which case its resistance changes to match that type), whichever comes first.
The imentesh is immune to polymorph effects unless it is a willing target. If blinded or deafened, the imentesh automatically recovers at the end of its next turn as new sensory organs grow to replace the compromised ones.
Speed 25 feet, fly 25 feet, swim 25 feet; freedom of movement
Melee Single ActionSingle Action jaws +23 [+18/+13] (chaotic, magical, reach 10 feet), Damage 2d10+11 piercing plus 1d6 chaotic and warpwave strikeMelee Single ActionSingle Action claw +23 [+19/+15] (agile, chaotic, magical, reach 10 feet), Damage 2d6+11 slashing plus 1d6 chaoticMelee Single ActionSingle Action tail +23 [+18/+13] (chaotic, magical, reach 15 feet), Damage 2d10+11 bludgeoning plus 1d6 chaotic and GrabDivine Innate Spells DC 29; 5th dimension door, dispel magic, divine wrath (chaotic), sending; 4th creation, dimension door (at will), shatter; 3rd haste, mending, shrink item, slow; 1st detect alignment (at will; lawful only); Constant (5th) tongues; (4th) freedom of movement
Change Shape Single ActionSingle Action (concentrate, divine, polymorph, transmutation) The imentesh takes the appearance of any Large or smaller creature. This doesn't change its Speed or its attack and damage bonuses with its Strikes, but might change the damage type its Strikes deal.Constrict Single ActionSingle Action 1d10+11 bludgeoning, DC 29Inflict Warpwave Single ActionSingle Action (divine, transmutation) An imentesh inflicts a warpwave on a creature within 100 feet (see Warpwave below; DC 29 Fortitude save to resist).Sneak Attack An imentesh's Strikes deal an additional 2d6 precision damage to flat-footed targets.Warpwave Strike (divine, transmutation) Any creature struck and damaged by an imentesh's jaws Strike must succeed at a DC 29 Fortitude save or be subject to a warpwave.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Mouthpieces of Chaos

While rarely found on the Material Plane, imenteshes frequent interplanar hubs of culture and commerce. Imenteshes act as diplomats on behalf of any chorus they claim allegiance to. They can offer safe travel through the Maelstrom or even act as guides through the Maelstrom's ever-shifting Borderlands.

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Source Bestiary pg. 266
Guardians of disorder and natives of the primal plane of chaos known as the Maelstrom, proteans consider it their calling to spread bedlam and hasten entropic ends. The most powerful proteans are demigods known collectively as the protean lords, although they are mysterious entities whose cults on the Material Plane tend to be obscure and secretive.

Proteans divide themselves into a loose caste system and possess a dizzying variety of powers. Most proteans have a serpentine body with the head of a primeval beast. Scholars have long been intrigued by this fact—that scions of dissolution and disorder would share so many features—pointing out that even in the purest chaos there is some semblance of order. Others note that the serpentine form is one of the most primeval shapes, perhaps suggesting that in a reality at the dawn of time, such shapes were all that could exist. The proteans themselves have little to say on the matter, which, perhaps ironically, only adds to the confusion and lack of consensus surrounding their kind. After all, if even chaos cannot be trusted to be chaotic, would that not be the purest form of entropy?


Many proteans can subject their foes to disorienting alterations perceived in time and space by creating ripples of unstable reality in the environment called warpwaves. When a creature fails its saving throw and is affected by a warpwave, roll 1d8 and consult the table below for the specific effect on that creature. Unless indicated otherwise, a warpwave effect lasts for 1d4 rounds, and a new warpwave effect negates any previous warpwave effect already affecting a creature.
D8Warpwave Effect
1Clumsy 2 (3 on a critical failure)
2Confused and gains 4d6 temporary Hit Points
3Dazzled (permanent on a critical failure)
4Enfeebled 2 (3 on a critical failure)
5Immobilized by filaments of energy
6Quickened (Stride, Strike, or Step only)
7Slowed 1
8Stupefied 2 (3 on a critical failure)

Sidebar - Additional Lore Ancient Immortals

Among the numerous types of immortals that dwell in the Great Beyond, the proteans are surely some of the oldest. They’ve waged war against the inevitable aeons from the advent of their first creation, and speak longingly of that time before the gods themselves imposed order upon reality.

Sidebar - Locations Born from Chaos

The Maelstrom, home of all proteans, is the whirling mass of turbulent primal energy, planar waves, and soul-stuff that surrounds the Outer Planes. Planar scholars theorize that all of reality was originally formed from the Maelstrom in the early days of the cosmos—a theory proteans don’t necessarily dispute.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Defending Chaos

Where proteans go, chaos follows. To proteans, there is no purer form of existence than entropy, and they constantly seek to oppose the establishment of order in the Great Beyond. However, proteans don’t see life as being incompatible with chaos; rather, they simply believe beings—immortal or not—deserve complete freedom on their own terms.

Sidebar - Related Creatures Other Proteans

Many other proteans beyond those presented here dwell in the Maelstrom, including the spectral pelagastrs, the nearly humanoid shapechanging ourdivars, and the incredibly powerful izfiitars.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Protean Divinities

The most powerful of all proteans are a group of demigods known collectively as protean lords. Yet even their vast might pales in comparison to that of the mysterious Speakers of the Depths. The Speakers are the most enigmatic of the Maelstrom’s gods—even their exact nature is unknown, and scholars disagree as to whether they are even divinities or just aspects of the Maelstrom itself.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Protean Names

Individual proteans have two names: a traditional name in their hissing, confusing language; and an honorary title. The latter is easily translated to other languages, but a protean’s traditional name can only rarely be uttered in any tongue other than Protean. As such, most proteans tend to go by their titles when dealing with outsiders, referring to themselves as, for example, “Song of Gentle Poison” or “Sibilant Cry of the Storm.”