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Chea, Student Of Unfolding Wind

Born to a large family of werecrocodiles in the nation of Jalmeray, Chea was envied by her fellows for her strange lack of the werecreature's curse. Chea's mother assured the girl that her blessing proved she was meant for great things, though her bitter cousins mocked her for her soft heart and lack of killer instinct. One night when she was a teenager, she went out for a swim, sick of the insults and teasing from her peers. The beastkin accidentally stumbled across an adventurer, who was stargazing by the riverside. The strange woman didn't attack, however, instead introducing herself as Nisha and inviting Chea to come look at the stars. Nisha pointed out a glowing comet in the sky and told Chea that the star was actually an elemental lord named Ranginori, and that Nisha's fellow adventurers, the Pathfinders, were working to set Ranginori free. When Nisha left that evening, she gave her telescope to Chea. From then on, Chea spent her nights gazing up to the glowing star, whispering secret prayers in hope they might comfort the trapped god.

Chea saw the moment her bright star burst across the sky, freeing Ranginori from his uncounted years of imprisonment. Knowing the hard journey that Ranginori faced ahead of him, Chea was among one of the first to pledge her faith to the elemental lord. Encouraged by her mother, Chea approached the Monastery of Unfolding Wind in Jalmeray. Though she had to hide her true nature from her fellow acolytes, her determination saw her excel in her monk training. Yet when she returned to visit her family after her initial studies were complete, she found them decimated and scattered. The survivors gave confused, conflicted reports, but several of them claimed that Pathfinders had attacked them.

Though Chea knew her family weren't always saints, she found she couldn't let this go. The monk now searches for answers to what truly happened, and vengeance for those who killed her kin.

Recall Knowledge - Beast (Arcana, Nature): DC 36
Recall Knowledge - Humanoid (Society): DC 36

CheaCreature 9

Source No-Prep Character: Chea pg. 0
Perception +18
Languages Common, Vudrani
Skills Acrobatics +20, Athletics +18, Occultism +13, Religion +16, Stealth +18, Warfare Lore +13
Str +3, Dex +4, Con +3, Int +0, Wis +2, Cha +0
Items +1 striking handwraps of mighty blows
AC 27; Fort +18, Ref +21, Will +15
HP 155
Animalistic Resistance Chea gains a +2 circumstance bonus to saves to resist diseases and poisons.
Quick Change Free ActionFree Action Trigger Chea rolls initiative; Effect Chea's instincts kick in and she takes on an aggressive stance. Chea uses Change Shape to enter her hybrid form.
Speed 40 feet
Melee Single ActionSingle Action fist +19 [+15/+11] (agile, finesse, magical, nonlethal, unarmed), Damage 2d6+11 bludgeoningMelee Single ActionSingle Action jaws +19 [+15/+11] (agile, finesse, magical, unarmed), Damage 2d4+11 piercingRanged Single ActionSingle Action wind crash +19 [+15/+11] (agile, nonlethal, propulsive, range 30 feet, unarmed), Damage 2d6+11 bludgeoningMonk Focus Spells DC 25, attack +17. 3 Focus Points; 5th ki rush, ki strike, unfolding wind rush, wild winds stance
Change Shape Single ActionSingle Action (concentrate, polymorph, primal, transmutation) Chea changes between her humanoid shape or hybrid shape. She gains a jaws unarmed Strike while in her hybrid shape.Flurry of Blows Single ActionSingle Action (flourish) Chea makes two unarmed Strikes. If both hit the same creature, combine their damage for the purpose of resistances and weaknesses.Flying Kick Two ActionsTwo Actions Chea launches herself at a foe. She makes a Leap or attempts a High Jump or Long Jump. At the end of the jump, if she's adjacent to a foe, she can immediately Strike that foe with an unarmed attack, even if the foe is in midair. She falls to the ground after the Strike. If the distance she falls is no more than the height of her jump, Chea lands upright and takes no damage.Pack Tactics If an enemy is within reach of Chea and at least two of her allies, that enemy is flat-footed against Chea.Powerful Fists Chea's fist Strikes are treated as cold iron and silver and don't take penalties when making lethal attacks.