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PFS StandardSummon KaijuSpell 10

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 133
Traditions primal
Cast Three ActionsThree Actions material, somatic, verbal
Range 500 feet
Duration until the end of your next turn
You briefly conjure a kaiju, a massive, rampaging monster with a unique name and legendary reputation. It rises from its secluded lair to annihilate your foes. The summoned kaiju occupies the space of a Gargantuan creature. When you Cast this Spell, choose one of the kaiju below to summon.
  • Agmazar the Star Titan Speed 100 feet, climb 50 feet; Arrive (necromancy, negative) Channel Void Each foe in a 100-foot emanation takes 16d8 negative energy damage with a basic Fortitude save; Depart (transmutation) Gravitic Repulsion Each foe in a 50-foot emanation is pushed 100 feet away unless it succeeds at a Fortitude save.
  • Agyra, the Forever Storm Speed 80 feet, fly 200 feet; Arrive (electricity, evocation) Breath of a Thousand Storms Agyra shoots two 1,200-foot lines of electricity, one from each of her heads. The lines can't overlap. Each creature along one of the lines takes 6d12 electricity damage with a basic Reflex save. On a failure, the creature is also slowed 1 for 1 round (or for 1 minute on a critical failure); Depart (evocation, sonic) Thunderous Blast Each creature within a 100-foot emanation takes 6d10 sonic damage with a basic Reflex save, and is also knocked prone on a failed save.
  • Bezravnis, the Inferno Below Speed 100 feet, burrow 100 feet; Arrive (earth, evocation) Burrow from the Earth's Heart Bezravnis explodes from the ground where it was summoned, causing all creatures in a 50-foot emanation to take 8d12 bludgeoning damage with a basic Reflex save. This potentially collapses structures with the collapse effect of the earthquake spell, except there is no chance of falling into a fissure; Depart Web Hurricane Bezravnis departs with a hurricane of webbing. All creatures within a 50-foot emanation must succeed at a Reflex save or take a –20-foot circumstance penalty to its Speeds until it Escapes (or is immobilized until it escapes on a critical failure). The Escape DC is your spell DC.
  • Mogaru, the Final King Speed 100 feet, swim 100 feet; Arrive (auditory, enchantment, mental) Trance of the King's Melody Mogaru manifests with a burst of the song that summoned him, requiring all foes within 60 feet who can hear him to attempt a Will save, leaving them stunned 3 on a failure; Depart (evocation, fire) Volcanic Breath Mogaru unleashes his scorching breath in a 120-foot cone. Each creature in the area takes 10d6 fire damage with a basic Reflex save. On a failure, it also takes 4d6 persistent fire damage.
  • Vorgozen, the Shapeless Feeder Speed 50 feet, climb 50 feet, swim 100 feet; Arrive (necromancy) Pollute Magic Vorgozen's foul presence pollutes magic around her. Each of your enemies within a 60-foot emanation that are under the effects of a spell must attempt a Fortitude save. On a failure, the creature is sickened 2. Any of your enemies that Casts a Spell within 60 feet of Vorgozen must attempt a Fortitude save with the same effects unless it's already sickened; Depart (acid, evocation) Beam of Purest Vitriol Each creature in a 1,200-foot line takes 10d6 acid damage and 10d6 bludgeoning damage with a basic Fortitude save.
  • Yarthoon, the Moon Grub Speed 60 feet, burrow 100 feet, fly 100 feet, swim 100 feet; Arrive (cold, evocation) Algid Beam Barrage Yarthoon fires countless beams, targeting each of your enemies within 200 feet of it. The beams deal 10d6 cold damage with a basic Reflex save; Depart (cold, conjuration, water) Frostbite Mist Chilling mist surges out in a 100-foot burst centered on Yarthoon and remains for 1 minute. This mist has the effects of obscuring mist, plus any creature within the area at the end of its turn take 5d6 cold damage with a basic Fortitude save.