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PFS LimitedWilderness Spotter Feat 2

Source The Fall of Plaguestone pg. 57
Prerequisites expert in Survival

Select one type of terrain from the following list: aquatic, arctic, desert, forest, mountain, plains, sky, swamp, or underground. You can use Survival in place of Perception to roll initiative when in the selected terrain in a natural location (not a structure) even if you weren’t tracking or otherwise using Survival before the encounter. You can also use Survival instead of Perception to notice traps in natural locations in the chosen terrain; if you find a snare in this way, you can also use Survival instead of Thievery to Disable the Device.

Special You can select this feat more than once. Each time you select it, the feat applies to a new type of terrain.

Noala's Training

Source The Fall of Plaguestone pg. 56
By aiding an NPC from The Fall of Plaguestone, the PCs can learn some special woodland survival techniques.

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