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Pit Fiend (Tyrant Devil)

When an army of devils invades to bathe a region in bloodshed and hellfire, it is likely that one of Hell’s most powerful and diabolical generals, the pit fiend, masterminded the incursion. Cunning, powerful, and ruthless, pit fiends often serve the archdevils directly. They rule infernal duchies, subjugate mortal worlds, and usurp infernal rivals using unparalleled despotism and calculated ferocity. To realize their tyrannical machinations, pit fiends claim mortal souls that they corrupt into lemure servants, which can then be shaped and transformed through infernal manipulation into the terrifying devils that form Hell’s formidable legions. They often select the most wicked and vicious lemures for their armies, drawing upon these lesser devils’ depravity during powerful magical ceremonies to create hideous and terrifying abominations that can cow and eviscerate the pit fiend’s enemies.

Pit fiends themselves are crafted deep within the nightmarish bowels of Nessus, the ninth layer of Hell, to serve the whims of archdevils and infernal dukes. Those pit fiends that don’t leave Nessus to command infernal legions in the upper layers of Hell often form the courts of Hell’s elite, gathering cabals and sects that shape Hell’s political landscape through subterfuge and manipulation. But many pit fiends see themselves as living embodiments of hellfire, the all-encompassing wrath of Hell, and thus prefer to dwell in realms consumed by fire. In Avernus, Dis, Malebolge, Nessus, and Phlegethon, pit fiends build vast citadels of brimstone wreathed in flame to lord over.

Pit fiends tower over other devils, standing at least 16 feet tall, weighing over 1,000 pounds, and brandishing wingspans in excess of 20 feet.

Infernal Dukes

Elite members of Hell’s political infrastructure and leadership hierarchy, the dukes of Hell are chosen from among the most tyrannical, oppressive, and conniving devils. While not all infernal dukes are pit fiends, a pit fiend’s natural disposition toward conquest and oppression often make it an ideal candidate for this position. To create an infernal duke, adjust the pit fiend to be between 21st and 25th level. Because of their physical prowess, manipulative nature, and powerful spellcasting abilities, infernal dukes make excellent villains for long-running campaigns.

Pit FiendCreature 20

Source Bestiary pg. 92
Perception +37; greater darkvision, true seeing
Languages Celestial, Common, Draconic, Infernal; telepathy 100 feet
Skills Acrobatics +34, Arcana +32, Athletics +33, Deception +39, Diplomacy +34, Intimidation +39, Religion +37, Society +36, Stealth +34
Str +9, Dex +8, Con +9, Int +8, Wis +9, Cha +8
AC 46, Fort +37, Ref +32, Will +35; +1 status to all saves vs. magic
HP 335 (regeneration 30 (deactivated by good)); Immunities fire; Resistances physical 15 (except silver), poison 15; Weaknesses good 15
Commander’s Aura (aura, divine, enchantment) 100 feet. Commanded or allied evil creatures in the aura of lower level than the pit fiend gain a +1 circumstance bonus to attack rolls, damage rolls, AC, saves, and skill checks.
Frightful Presence (aura, divine, emotion, enchantment, fear, mental) 20 feet, DC 42
Attack of Opportunity ReactionReaction The pit fiend can make an Attack of Opportunity when a creature within reach uses a concentrate action, in addition to the usual trigger. The devil can disrupt triggering concentrate actions, and they disrupt actions on any hit, not only a critical hit.
Speed 35 feet, fly 50 feet

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Source Bestiary pg. 86
Masters of corruption and architects of conquest, devils seek both to tempt mortal life to join in their pursuit of all things profane and to spread tyranny throughout all worlds. The temptations they offer mortals range from great powers granted by the signing of an infernal contract to twisted favors following a whispered pledge to a diabolic patron, or any number of even subtler exchanges. Those who succumb to these temptations find themselves consigned to an afterlife of endless torment in the pits of Hell, wherein the only hope of escape lies in the chance of being promoted to become a devil in the infernal ranks. Every devil has a specific role to play in the upkeep of the remorseless bureaucratic machine that is Hell, from soldiers and scholars to inquisitors, lawyers, judges, and executioners. Lowly lemures and imps perform subservient labor to more powerful and specialized devils, such as contract devils and erinyes, while the greatest pit fiends command entire infernal armies.