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PFS StandardGelugon (Ice Devil)

Insectile ice devils are strategists and masterminds in Hell’s armies, using their superior intellect to strike against their enemies and spread Hell’s influence throughout the planes. An ice devil rarely breaks their solitary contemplation of strategy save to pursue a plan they have devised. They can be enticed otherwise only by an exchange of services to be determined at a later time, adding to the pieces they can play on the board. Occasionally, a mortal strategist of outstanding skill might amuse an ice devil enough for the gelugon to agree to a contest of strategy, typically a strategic board game like chess, to decide a dispute. In the unlikely event the devil loses such a contest, they inevitably go to great lengths to later obtain that mortal’s services for their own infernal ends.

Recall Knowledge - Fiend (Religion): DC 31
Unspecific Lore: DC 29
Specific Lore: DC 26

Elite | Normal | Weak
Proficiency without Level

GelugonCreature 13

Legacy Content

LE Large Devil Fiend 
Source Bestiary pg. 91
Perception +26; greater darkvision
Languages Celestial, Common, Draconic, Infernal; telepathy 100 feet
Skills Acrobatics +22, Athletics +23, Deception +25, Diplomacy +25, Intimidation +23, Religion +26, Society +25, Stealth +22, Warfare Lore +30
Str +6, Dex +5, Con +5, Int +8, Wis +5, Cha +4
Items +1 striking longspear
AC 34; Fort +24, Ref +24, Will +26; +1 status to all saves vs. magic
HP 215; Immunities cold, fire; Resistances physical 10 (except silver), poison 10 ; Weaknesses good 10
Frightful Presence (aura, divine, emotion, enchantment, fear, mental) 10 feet, DC 31 Attack of Opportunity [reaction]
Speed 35 feet, fly 35 feet (from fly)
Melee [one-action] frost longspear +28 [+23/+18] (cold, evil, magical, reach 15 feet), Damage 2d8+12 piercing plus 1d6 cold, 1d6 evil, and slowing frostMelee [one-action] tail +25 [+21/+17] (agile, cold, evil, magical, reach 10 feet), Damage 2d6+12 bludgeoning plus 2d6 cold, 1d6 evil, and slowing frostRanged [one-action] frost longspear +27 [+22/+17] (cold, magical, thrown 20 feet), Damage 2d8+12 piercing plus 1d6 coldDivine Innate Spells DC 33; 7th cone of cold (x2); 6th illusory scene; 5th dimension door, wall of ice (x3); 4th dimension door (at will); Cantrips (7th) ray of frost; Constant (4th) fly
Rituals DC 33; 1st infernal pact
Slowing Frost (cold, divine, evocation) The ice devil channels the extreme cold of its body through its appendages and weapons. A creature hit by an ice devil’s weapon or unarmed attack in melee must attempt a DC 32 Fortitude save or be slowed 1 for 1d4 rounds. A weapon used by an ice devil gains the effects of a frost rune while the gelugon holds it, and the ice devil can throw any such weapon with a 20-foot range increment, trailing motes of frost.Tactician of Cocytus [one-action] (concentrate) An ice devil’s logical mind devises genius tactics from its perfect memory. It can telepathically send a tactical repositioning to its allies, allowing all commanded or allied evil creatures in the range of its telepathy to immediately Stride (or Burrow, Climb, Fly, or Swim, if the creature has the corresponding Speed).

Sidebar - Locations Fire and Ice

The classic depiction of Hell is of a burning wasteland of magma and volcanoes, a searing landscape rife with the screaming souls of the damned. Yet those who have visited Hell know the awful truth—for its torments do not cease at eternal burning. Some regions of hell are perpetual frozen reaches of razor-sharp ice and flesh-scouring wind, while others are miasmic swamps filled with poison and disease. Hell does not limit its torturous toolbox merely to the fires for which it is so well known!

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Zebub (Accuser Devil)3


Source Bestiary pg. 86
Masters of corruption and architects of conquest, devils seek both to tempt mortal life to join in their pursuit of all things profane and to spread tyranny throughout all worlds. The temptations they offer mortals range from great powers granted by the signing of an infernal contract to twisted favors following a whispered pledge to a diabolic patron, or any number of even subtler exchanges. Those who succumb to these temptations find themselves consigned to an afterlife of endless torment in the pits of Hell, wherein the only hope of escape lies in the chance of being promoted to become a devil in the infernal ranks. Every devil has a specific role to play in the upkeep of the remorseless bureaucratic machine that is Hell, from soldiers and scholars to inquisitors, lawyers, judges, and executioners. Lowly lemures and imps perform subservient labor to more powerful and specialized devils, such as contract devils and erinyes, while the greatest pit fiends command entire infernal armies.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Archdevils

At any one time, eight archdevils rule the eight upper layers of Hell, while the deepest layer is ruled by Asmodeus. Each archdevil is a unique demigod with a dedicated role in guiding the infernal machine forward. Barbatos is the doorwarden of Hellʼs uppermost layer, while Dispater rules Hellʼs largest city. Mammon guards Hellʼs treasuries, and Belial designs new weapons for Hellʼs legions. Geryon is the oldest archdevil and keeper of many secrets, while Moloch leads Hellʼs armies. Baalzebul is a brooding archdevil who has fallen from Asmodeusʼs favor, while mighty Mephistopheles was formed from the plane of Hell itself.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Diabolic Divinities

Many unique and powerful devils hold positions of power in Hell. The most numerous of these are the infernal dukes, many of whom were promoted to this position from already impressive statures as pit fiends. The supreme ruler of Hell itself is Asmodeus, the Prince of Darkness. Between these two tiers rule the eight archdevils—see the sidebar on the facing page.

Sidebar - Locations Diabolic Locations

The nine layers of Hell are the planar home of all devils, and they much prefer its tyrannically ordered environs to anywhere else in the multiverse. Yet devils can be encountered anywhere mortals can be tempted by infernal bargains or seek diabolic aid. On Golarion, the nation of Cheliax is particularly aligned with Hell. Its government is based upon Hellʼs organization, and the state church is that of Asmodeus.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Fiendish Relations

Devils view daemonsʼ constant hunt for souls as a short-sighted waste of potential, and demonsʼ chaotic destruction of society and flesh as uncivilized and obnoxious, but they do not loathe their fiendish counterparts. Indeed, most devils are more than willing to take advantage of daemons and demons as they can to further their own machinations.

Sidebar - Advice and Rules Hellfire

Stinking, sulfurous hellfire is infused with evil. Hellfire always deals a combination of fire damage and evil damage, though the specific ratio depends on the hellfire's origin. Certain types of hellfire can impose other effects on creatures as well, such as sapping their strength or memories.

Sidebar - Locations Hellmouths

While travel to and from Hell is possible with plane shift, another way to reach and traverse the infernal realms is via hellmouths, strange living portals connecting different layers or even different planes. A hellmouth takes the form of a grimacing face, distended maw, or other distressingly organic aperture, and no two share the same appearance. Most are carefully guarded, but some new or well-hidden hellmouths have yet to be discovered.

Sidebar - Related Creatures Other Devils

The devils presented on these pages are a small sampling of the torments Hell has to offer. Other devils, like the inquisition-focused bone devils, the cherub-faced and fly-bodied accuser devils, and the aquatic drowning devil are a few examples of these widespread immortal creatures.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Queens of the Night

The four queens of the night wield great power in the Pit. Ardad Lili is a plotter and manipulator with ambitions of ruling the heavens, while Doloras revels in suffering. Most distant is Mahathallah, watching over fate and death. Mightiest among them is Eiseth, who is assembling an army in Dis in the hopes of claiming the iron throne of Malebolge.

Sidebar - Additional Lore The Hierarchy of Hell

Hell is a harsh plane of law with little use for compassion or empathy. As such, it exists entirely within a strict hierarchy, and this order extends to its denizens. While different types of demons correspond to various sins and daemons are associated with modes of mortal death, the different types of devils exist solely to fulfill particular roles in the infernal machine. On occasion, a particular devil can transcend the role for which they were literally shaped, but this often transforms the devil physically into the type suitable for their new role.