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Mountain guides whisper stories of giant white birds that stretch towards the sky, singing with human voices. While these stories are often dismissed as tall tales, the truth is much stranger, for the bird they've encountered not only has a human voice, but one a human face as well. Inmyeonjos are enormous white birds with flowing tails, abnormally long necks, and mask-like human faces. They wear an elongated black headpiece that serves as a vessel for their life energy, enabling their reincarnation through any living creature.

Inmyeonjos often serve as gatekeepers or guardians of the tombs of great sages and leaders who brought peace to their lands and people. They can also be found atop on high mountains where the border between earth and sky is thinnest. Ultimately, inmyeonjos strive for balance and peace among all mortals. A person who has encountered an inmyeonjo often has trouble remembering if the strange creature was beautiful or terrifying.

Recall Knowledge - Beast (Arcana, Nature): DC 40

Elite | Normal | Weak
Proficiency without Level

Changes from being Weak are marked in red below.
NOTE: The -2 damage penalty to non-strike offensive abilities (-4 if the ability is limited, such as spells) is NOT factored in.

Weak InmyeonjoCreature 16

Source Pathfinder #168: King of the Mountain pg. 82
Perception +30; darkvision
Languages Auran, Common; telepathy 100 feet
Skills Acrobatics +28, Athletics +26, Diplomacy +30, Medicine +30, Nature +30, Occultism +25
Str +6, Dex +9, Con +7, Int +7, Wis +9, Cha +5
Blurred Countenance Creatures farther than 60 feet from an inmyeonjo see it only as the generic form of a huge bird. An inmyeonjo has concealment against attacks originating farther than 60 feet away.
AC 36; Fort +23, Ref +26, Will +28
HP 280; Immunities disease
Limited Immortality Though an inmyeonjo still needs to eat, drink, and sleep, they don't age and can't die of old age.
Terrifying Beauty (aura, emotion, fear, mental) 60 feet. Any creature within 60 feet of an inmyeonjo that the inmyeonjo can see must attempt a DC 30 Will save. The effects last for 1 day while it is within the area of blurred countenance.
Critical Success The creature is unaffected and is immune to the inmyeonjo's Terrifying Beauty for 1 day.
Success The creature finds the inmyeonjo beguiling and becomes stupefied 1.
Failure The creature finds the inmyeonjo terrifying and becomes frightened 1.
Critical Failure The creature finds the inmyeonjo dreadful, becoming frightened 2. They can't willingly move closer to the inmyeonjo.
Speed 40 feet, fly 100 feet
Melee Single ActionSingle Action talon + 28 [+24/+20] (agile, finesse, reach 15 feet), Damage 3d10-2+18 bludgeoningMelee Single ActionSingle Action tail +28 [+24/+20] (agile, finesse, reach 25 feet), Damage 3d8-2+18 bludgeoningOccult Spontaneous Spells DC 32, attack +26 (-4 dmg); 8th discern location, unrelenting observation (1 slot); 7th ethereal jaunt, mask of terror (2 slots); 6th phantasmal calamity, vibrant pattern (2 slots); 5th hallucination, synaptic pulse (2 slots); 4th discern lies, read omens (3 slots); 3rd mind reading, zone of truth (3 slots); 2nd mirror image (3 slots); Cantrips (8th) message, telekinetic projectile

Sidebar - Treasure and Rewards Material Reincarnation

When an inmyeonjo dies, their body rapidly decomposes to dust, but their black headpiece remains. The headpiece magically fits itself to any size head. A creature that dons the headpiece becomes immune to disease and stops aging, but cannot remove it by nonmagical means (DC 37 check to counteract). Over the course of 100 years, the creature grows feathers and their neck elongates until they eventually become an inmyeonjo.