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Spirit Turtle

Spirit turtles are benevolent fey known to heal those in need and confer other powerful gifts. These gentle giants resemble enormous turtles and often bear entire ecosystems on their shells.

In ancient times, so the legend goes, spirit turtles used to grant wishes to many mortals. After millennia of such encounters, the giant creatures grew tired and went into hiding or returned to their home plane, the First World. Those few spirit turtles who remain on Golarion now grant their favors only to the purest and worthiest mortal petitioners.

Recall Knowledge - Fey (Nature): DC 47
Unspecific Lore: DC 45
Specific Lore: DC 42

Elite | Normal | Weak
Proficiency without Level

Spirit TurtleCreature 21

Source Pathfinder #168: King of the Mountain pg. 86
Perception +35
Languages Common, Sylvan; tongues
Skills Diplomacy +36, Lore +34 (all subcategories), Medicine +40, Nature +36, Occultism +34, Survival +40
Str +8, Dex +6, Con +11, Int +6, Wis +10, Cha +7
AC 45; Fort +40, Ref +32, Will +38
HP 320, regeneration 25 (deactivated by cold iron or evil); Resistances fire 20, physical 15; Weaknesses cold iron 20
Pacifying Aura (emotion, enchantment, primal) 100 feet. A spirit turtle exudes a constant feeling of calm. Creatures within the aura are subjected to a 10th-level calm emotions spell (DC 44 Will save). The effects persist up to 1 hour, even if the creature leaves the aura. Regardless of the result of the saving throw, the creature is temporarily immune for 1 hour.
Speed 30 feet, swim 40 feet
Melee Single ActionSingle Action jaws +37 [+32/+27] (magical, reach 20 feet), Damage 4d12+14 piercing plus 2d6 energy and Improved GrabMelee Single ActionSingle Action foot +37 [+32/+27] (magical, reach 15 feet), Damage 4d10+14 bludgeoning plus 2d6 energy and Improved KnockdownPrimal Innate Spells DC 44; 10th primal phenomenon, revival; 9th field of life (×2); 8th moment of renewal (×2); 7th plane shift (self only), regenerate (×2); 6th restoration (×2); 5th breath of life (×3); 4th heal (at will), vital beacon (at will); Constant (10th) tongues
Constrict Single ActionSingle Action 4d12+7 bludgeoning, DC 41Environmental Balance Free ActionFree Action (evocation, primal) Trigger The spirit turtle begins their turn; Effect The spirit turtle harnesses their connection with the world around them to augment their attacks. They choose acid, cold, electricity, or fire. The energy damage dealt by their Strikes and Unbalancing Stomp changes to the selected energy type.Unbalancing Stomp Two ActionsTwo Actions The spirit turtle makes a foot Strike. Whether or not the Strike hits, the stomp creates a shockwave on the ground in a 15-foot burst centered on the target. All creatures in the area other than the spirit turtle take 10d10 bludgeoning and 4d8 energy damage and are knocked prone (DC 41 basic Reflex save). Creatures that critically succeed at their Reflex save are not knocked prone. The spirit turtle can't use Unbalancing Stomp again for 1d4 rounds.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Spiritual Tasks

Most spirit turtles grant an extended lifetime as gift for completing an important task. The requirements of a task vary from turtle to turtle, but they are always massive undertakings. In one part of the saga of Artimos the Tailor, Artimos met with a spirit turtle and earned their favor by sewing a quilt as massive as the lake in which the turtle slept. The quilt required cloth from the robes of each ruler in Tian Xia, but Artimos's efforts eventually earned him a golden needle to aid him on his journeys.