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Young Linnorm

As discussed under Newborn Linnorms, female linnorms lay eggs in the wilderness, where linnorms are known to hunt. A linnorm egg remains viable for many years, protected by a tough, leathery skin easily mistaken for stone. When a male linnorm eventually stumbles across the egg, he fertilizes it and takes it to a secure and remote location, leaving it alone to eventually hatch. Newborn linnorms remain hidden in their nests for several months as they mature, growing large enough to hunt on their own and setting out into the world. These linnorms are roughly the equivalent of older teenagers when compared to other species. Younger linnorms, while still primal creatures with a strong tie to the First World, haven't yet manifested most of their magical powers. They still can't breathe deadly fire or lightning or see invisible creatures, and, most importantly, they can be slain without prompting the linnorm's legendary death curse. They do, however, have voracious appetites, consuming any living thing to fuel their rapid growth. A linnorm is most vulnerable during this time; scouts who find tracks of a young linnorm quickly muster a hunting party of stalwart and experienced warriors to track the creature down and kill it quickly—before they draw the attention of the linnorm's father.

Recall Knowledge - Dragon (Arcana): DC 25
Unspecific Lore: DC 23
Specific Lore: DC 20

Elite | Normal | Weak
Proficiency without Level

Young LinnormCreature 7

Source Monsters of Myth pg. 29
Perception +15; darkvision, low-light vision, scent (imprecise) 60 feet
Languages Aklo, Draconic, Sylvan; (can't speak any language)
Skills Acrobatics +15, Athletics +17
Str +6, Dex +3, Con +5, Int -4, Wis +4, Cha +5
AC 25; Fort +18, Ref +15, Will +12; +1 status to all saves vs. magic
HP 115, regeneration 5 (deactivated by cold iron); Immunities curse, paralyzed, sleep; Weaknesses cold iron 5
Attack of Opportunity Tail only.
Speed 30 feet, fly 60 feet, swim 45 feet
Melee jaws +18 [+13/+8] (magical, reach 10 feet), Damage 2d10+9 piercing plus young linnorm venomMelee claw +18 [+14/+10] (agile, magical, reach 10 feet), Damage 2d8+9 slashingMelee tail +18 [+14/+10] (agile, magical, reach 15 feet), Damage 2d8+9 bludgeoning plus Improved GrabConstrict 2d8+4 bludgeoning, DC 25Young Linnorm Venom (poison) Saving Throw DC 25 Fortitude; Maximum Duration 10 rounds; Stage 1 4d6 poison damage and drained 1

Varieties of Young Linnorms

While the statistics for young linnorms suit most uses, you might choose to customize a creature by giving it abilities and traits found in its adult variety.
  • Cairn Linnorm: Immune to acid; venom inflicts acid damage instead of poison damage; gains a climb speed of 30 feet; loses Constrict.
  • Crag Linnorm: Immune to fire; venom inflicts fire damage instead of poison damage.
  • Fjord Linnorm: Immune to cold; venom inflicts cold damage instead of poison damage and clumsy instead of drained.
  • Ice Linnorm: Immune to cold; venom inflicts cold damage instead of poison damage.
  • Shoal Linnorm: Immune to fire; venom inflicts fire damage instead of poison damage.
  • Taiga Linnorm: Immune to electricity; venom inflicts electricity damage instead of poison damage; gains Spines; loses Constrict.
  • Tarn Linnorm: Immune to acid; venom inflicts acid damage instead of poison damage; gains Double Bite.
  • Tor Linnorm: Immune to fire; venom inflicts fire damage instead of poison damage; gains a climb speed of 30 feet.
Despite their sizable threat, presenting the head of one of these linnorm youths is more likely to see a warrior laughed out of town than crowned king. Young linnorms who survive for more than a few months become Huge, gaining elite adjustments and other distinctive linnorm traits, such as true seeing and freedom of movement. By the time a linnorm manifests its breath weapon and death curse after a year, it's fully grown into an adult.

All Monsters in "Linnorm"

Cairn Linnorm18
Crag Linnorm14
Fjord Linnorm16
Ice Linnorm17
Shoal Linnorm15
Taiga Linnorm19
Tarn Linnorm20
Tor Linnorm21
Young Linnorm7


Source Bestiary pg. 224
Immense, primeval dragons of the northern reaches of the world, linnorms hate those they deem to be lesser creatures and seek to inflict as much suffering as possible upon their unfortunate victims. While these serpentine monstrosities might not be the powerful winged dragons most imagine, they nonetheless possess incredible strength and deadly powers that often rival authentic dragon brutality.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Death Curses

The death curses of the linnorms are often the subjects of tragic sagas, and those who would think themselves vanquishing heroes for slaying a linnorm often meet their dooms soon thereafter, succumbing to these curses well after the death of the linnorm responsible for bestowing it.

Sidebar - Additional Lore First World Connections

Linnorms have a deep connection to the First World, the primordial home of the fey. While linnorms typically won't think twice before devouring a gnome or other fey, they do have an unusual respect for wielders of powerful primal magic. The only way to cow a linnorm, according to common wisdom, is to remind it that there are forces of nature even stronger than itself.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Linnorm Kings

In the storied Lands of the Linnorm Kings, the slaying of a linnorm is traditionally required for those who would claim a nation’s crown. Recently, though, the Linnorm King White Estrid claimed her crown not by slaying a linnorm but by beating it into submission, gaining a powerful and dangerous ally to help secure her rule.

Sidebar - Advice and Rules Linnorm Legends

Creatures as powerful as linnorms tend to spawn stories of their own, accurate or not. Critical failure on a check to Recall Knowledge on linnorms might suggest that you can avoid a linnorm's death curse by closing your eyes as you deliver the fatal blow, or that rubbing poison oak on yourself can ward off a linnorm's attention.

Sidebar - Treasure and Rewards Linnorm Treasure

As with true dragons, linnorms tend to amass immense piles of treasure in their lairs. These hoards consist of the weapons, gear, and belongings of would-be vanquishers more often than minted coins or works of art.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Newborn Linnorms

Almost all linnorms lead solitary lives; they are too reprehensible for even their own kind to tolerate for any length of time. Most species do not even meet to reproduce; rather, female linnorms usually deposit a solitary egg in a remote location, which a wandering male linnorm then fertilizes and places in a nook suitable for incubation. Newborn linnorms range in size from that of adult crocodiles to full-grown bulls, and their growth is rapid. Even a juvenile linnorm is strong enough to wreak havoc on a small settlement— though most don't dare to commit such audacious pillaging, for fear of evoking the anger of another, larger linnorm in the area.

Sidebar - Related Creatures Other Linnorms

Linnorms exist in a variety of forms beyond the four detailed here. The gaunt cairn linnorm, the spiny taiga linnorm, and the aquatic fjord linnorm each terrorize their own specific regions of the Material Plane.

Sidebar - Related Creatures Rarer Linnorms

While the linnorms presented here and in the first Bestiary constitute the majority of these creatures, others exist, particularly in the remote regions of the First World. It may be that these rare linnorms simply find the Material Plane too constraining for their might!