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Beholding the blinding light of a gliminal is akin to staring into the sun, and consequently, only gliminals themselves fully understand what they are or how they truly look. Gliminals exude a constant aura of positive energy, suffusing everything they encounter without regard for whether a creature's body can withstand these excesses of positive energy.

On the Positive Energy Plane they call home, gliminals view outsiders as unfortunate creatures afflicted with the malady called mortality. They seek to suffuse mortals with light and healing until they no longer suffer, and they consider those who explode into positive energy cured. Gliminals pulled to other planes, whether summoned or through interplanar rifts, find themselves overwhelmed, and usually lash out in increasingly desperate attempts to escape the oppressive onslaught of matter and negative energies.

Recall Knowledge - Spirit (Occultism): DC 31

Elite | Normal | Weak

GliminalCreature 9

Source Bestiary 3 pg. 114
Perception +18; darkvision, lifesense 60 feet
Languages Jyoti; telepathy 60 feet
Skills Acrobatics +19, Arcana +15, Medicine +18, Positive Energy Plane Lore +19, Religion +16
Str -5, Dex +6, Con +4, Int +2, Wis +3, Cha +5
AC 27; Fort +19, Ref +21, Will +16
HP 160; Immunities death effects, disease, paralyzed, poison, precision, unconscious; Resistances all 5 (except force, ghost touch, or negative; double resistance against non-magical); Weaknesses negative 10
Positive Nature A gliminal doesn't gain the automatic or temporary Hit Points from being on a plane with the positive planar essence.
Radiant Mantle (aura, light, positive, visual) 30 feet. The gliminal emits bright light in the area, and dim light out to 60 feet. When a creature enters or starts its turn in the area of bright light, it must succeed at a DC 25 Fortitude save or become dazzled until the end of its turn. If the mantle is counteracted or suppressed, the gliminal loses their resistance and can't use Bond in Light until the mantle returns.
Speed fly 60 feet
Melee Single ActionSingle Action scintillating claw +19 [+15/+11] (agile, finesse, magical), Damage 3d8+7 positiveRanged Single ActionSingle Action radiant ray +19 [+14/+9] (light, magical, positive), Damage 4d8 positivePrimal Innate Spells DC 28, attack +20; 5th chromatic wall, searing light (×3); 3rd heal (at will); Cantrips (5th) light
Bond in Light Single ActionSingle Action (healing, necromancy, positive, primal) The gliminal magically links to one living creature within the radius of their radiant mantle. This creature glows with bright light in a 20-foot emanation and dim light to 40 feet. While the link is in effect, the target has fast healing 10, and any time the target needs to defend against an attack or attempt a save, the gliminal can substitute their own AC or corresponding save bonus if it's higher than the target's. Any time the target takes damage, the gliminal can choose to divert any amount of that damage to themself. The damage has the same type and still applies the gliminal's immunities, resistances, and weaknesses.
The link remains until the target is more than 120 feet away, the gliminal falls unconscious, or the gliminal uses Bond in Light again.
Overpowering Healing (necromancy, positive, primal) When a gliminal grants positive healing that would heal a living creature above their maximum Hit Points, including the fast healing HP from their Bond in Light ability, the excess is granted as temporary Hit Points. Unlike normal, these temporary HP combine with each other, and they last for 1 hour. If a creature's temporary HP from a gliminal ever exceeds its maximum HP, it becomes overloaded and explodes in a burst of positive energy.
A creature with temporary HP from overpowering healing becomes sickened 1, or sickened 2 if the temporary HP equal half their maximum HP or more. The creature can't reduce this sickened condition unless it has 0 temporary HP.
Overpowering healing doesn't apply to creatures with the positive trait.

Sidebar - Advice and Rules Violent Healing

There aren't default rules for a creature choosing to be hit (to avoid exploding from a gliminal's healing), but you can allow an ally to improve their outcome by one degree of success against a willing target or allow the target to worsen the result of their saving throw by one step