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Syu Tak-Nwa (Level 20)

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Recall Knowledge - Humanoid (Society): DC 50

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Syu Tak-Nwa (Level 20)Creature 20

Source Pathfinder #168: King of the Mountain pg. 52
Female Tian-Hwan white-haired witch
Perception +33; tremorsense (precise) 60 feet
Languages Common, Goblin, Tien, Ysoki
Skills Acrobatics +32, Arcana +34, Deception +34, Medicine +32, Nature +34, Occultism +38, Religion +34, Society +32, Thievery +29
Str +3, Dex +6, Con +2, Int +7, Wis +3, Cha +5
AC 42; Fort +31, Ref +32, Will +36; +3 status to all saves vs. conjuration
HP 360; Immunities trip
Dragline Trip ReactionReaction Trigger A creature within 20 feet uses a move action or leaves a square during a move action it's using; Effect Syu Tak-nwa surreptitiously sends a strand of hair through a portal to emerge near the creature's feet, wings, or other ambulatory limbs. She attempts to Trip the creature.
Spiraling Web ReactionReaction Trigger Syu Tak-nwa is the target of a ranged Strike or ranged spell attack roll; Requirements Syu Tak-nwa is aware of the attack and not flat-footed against it; Effect Hairs erupt from portals around the missile and attempt to wrap around it. Syu Tak-nwa gains a +4 circumstance bonus to AC against the triggering attack. If this would cause the attack to miss, the missile remains tangled and suspended in midair.
Speed 35 feet, ignores difficult terrain
Melee Single ActionSingle Action hair +35 [+31/+27] (agile, finesse, grapple, reach 15 feet, trip, unarmed, versatile S), Damage 6d4+20 bludgeoningMelee Single ActionSingle Action braid +35 [+30/+25] (forceful, reach 10 feet, shove, unarmed), Damage 6d6+20 bludgeoningOccult Prepared Spells DC 45, attack +37; 10th dispel magic, vampiric exsanguination, visions of danger; 9th soothe, unfathomable song, weird; 8th collective transposition, haste, slow; 7th soothe, spider sting, warp mind; 6th feeblemind, repulsion, true seeing; 5th black tentacles, chilling darkness, synaptic pulse; 4th blink, remove fear, remove paralysis; Cantrips (10th) daze, forbidding ward, guidance, shield, telekinetic projectile
Witch Hexes DC 42, 3 Focus Points; 10th cackle, curse of death, malicious shadow, needle of vengeance; Cantrips (10th) evil eye
Empowered Hair Tak-nwa's mastery over her prehensile hair while in the Glass Lighthouse is so powerful that she can walk on thick strands like giant spider legs. This makes her immune to tripping, and she ignores the effects of difficult terrain (but not greater difficult terrain). She can use her living hair to perform precise tasks such as picking up objects and performing simple Interact actions. She can also deliver hexes through her hair. Whenever Tak-nwa successfully casts a hex focus spell that requires 2 or more actions to cast and that doesn't require a spell attack roll, if her target is within reach, as part of the spellcasting activity she can make a hair Strike against the foe before applying any effects of the hex. If this Strike misses, the hex has no effect.Familiar Tak-nwa's familiar is an elephant hawk moth named Yon-so. Yon-so has a fly Speed of 40 feet, darkvision, and scent as an imprecise sense to a range of 30 feet. Yon-so can speak Tien, and when Yon-so rolls a success on a Reflex or Fortitude save it takes no damage against the effect.Silkworm's Basket Three ActionsThree Actions (certain kill, conjuration) Syu Tak-nwa tears thousands of minute portals into space, sending a single hair through each. The hairs emerge at a space within 30 feet, braiding and twining together to create a cube 20 feet to each side. This has the effects of a 10th-level force cage, except that Syu Tak-nwa does not need to sustain the basket; it has a duration of 1 minute. While the Silkworm's Basket persists, Syu Tak-nwa is quickened and can use the extra action only to make a hair or braid Strike against any target within the basket, regardless of her distance to them. She can't create more than one basket at a time.