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Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 116
A curse is a manifestation of potent ill will. Curses typically have a single effect that takes place upon a failed saving throw and lasts a specified amount of time, or can be removed only by certain actions a character must perform or conditions they must meet. Rarely, curses will have stages; these follow the rules for afflictions.

Curses may come from a malicious action, such as a lich’s Paralyzing Touch or a spell from an evil spellcaster. Guardians of a tomb or treasure might ward their charge with a curse as protection against thieves. In some rare cases, a curse might manifest as a response to a terrible act, such as a massacre. When using a curse in your game, assign the curse to an item, location, situation, or similar element. Then, decide on a trigger for the curse—such as a creature attempting to steal a warded book, destroy a work of art, or slay a specific creature. A curse can even be tied to a specific location, in which case it functions as a simple hazard. Once that trigger occurs, the curse affects the triggering creature or creatures. Each affected creature must attempt a saving throw against the curse; if they fail, they are subject to the effects specified in the curse’s Effect entry.

Click here for the full rules on Curses.

Grave CurseCurse Level Varies

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 117
A grave curse punishes you for stealing from a tomb or other resting place.

Saving Throw Will save, with a high spell DC for a monster of its level (page 65); Effect You are hounded by undead creatures of the same level as the curse. Every night, you must attempt a DC 15 flat check. On a failure, an incorporeal undead manifests to hassle and harry you throughout the night, retreating before it can take much damage and often preventing you from gaining a full night’s rest. Whenever you enter a graveyard or other area where bodies are buried, you must succeed at the same flat check or a body animates as a corporeal undead (typically a skeleton or zombie) to attack you.

These undead are temporary and exist only to harry you; if you take control of the undead, move on, or otherwise avoid their attacks, incorporeal undead discorporate and corporeal undead collapse into ordinary corpses. The curse can be removed by returning the stolen items to their resting place.

Curse of NightmaresCurse 2

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 116
This curse plagues you with terrible nightmares whenever you sleep, preventing you from resting properly.

Saving Throw DC 16 Will; Effect You must rest for 12 hours instead of 8 to avoid becoming fatigued and can’t gain any benefits from resting or long-term rest. You can still make your daily preparations.

Theft of ThoughtCurse 3

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 116
This curse protects a single book and activates against any creature who Steals it.

Saving Throw DC 18 Will; Effect You begin to lose details from your memories, as well as a portion of your procedural memory. After being cursed, the first time you attempt a check using a skill in which you are trained or better, your proficiency rank in the skill used decreases by one rank for as long as you are cursed.

Slayer's HauntCurse 4

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 116
You are haunted by all those you have killed.

Saving Throw DC 19 Will; Effect You see all creatures around you as those you have slain, still bearing their wounds. You can’t identify, Recall Knowledge about, or otherwise interact with these creatures in any way that involves seeing their true form without first succeeding at a Will save against the curse’s DC to see through the illusion. On a critical failure for such a Will save, you become frightened 1.

Coward's RootsCurse 5

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 116
You find all courage stolen from your heart. When faced with something frightening, you flee in terror or stand frozen in place.

Saving Throw DC 20 Will; Effect At the start of your turn, if you are frightened, you become your choice of immobilized or fleeing until the end of that turn.

Curse of Potent PoisonCurse 5

Source Pathfinder #170: Spoken on the Song Wind pg. 9
This curse magically speeds poison through your body.

Saving Throw DC 20 Will; Effect You take a –1 status penalty to Fortitude saves and you gain weakness 3 to poison (if you already have weakness to poison, increase it by 3). The curse remains until removed by remove curse or similar magic.

Curse of the RavenousCurse 5

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 116
This hideous curse kills through constant hunger. You become gaunt and repeatedly gnash your teeth.

Saving Throw DC 20 Fortitude; Effect No matter how much you eat, you aren’t satiated. After 1 day, you begin starving. Each week, you receive a new saving throw against the curse.

Wizard's WardCurse 6

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 116
A wizard’s ward is placed upon a single book, usually a spellbook. If you damage the book, you must attempt a save against the curse’s effect.

Saving Throw DC 22 Will; Effect You take 5d6 damage of the same damage type as the damage you dealt to the book, and the damage can’t be healed as long as the curse lasts. Repairing the book, including replacing any missing text, ends this curse.

Oath of the FleshCurse 7

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 117
When you swear an oath, you must obey that oath or suffer terrible consequences.

Saving Throw DC 23 Fortitude; Effect Each time you make a promise to someone, an ornate symbol representing that promise is magically carved into your flesh. Breaking any of these promises causes the symbol tattoo to grow into a gaping wound, dealing 3d6 slashing damage to you; damage from the curse can’t be healed as long as the curse is still in effect.

Sellsword's FollyCurse 9

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 117
Even the most experienced combat veteran becomes as reckless as a rookie when suffering from sellsword’s folly.

Saving Throw DC 26 Will; Effect The chaos of combat overwhelms you. Each time you roll initiative for a combat encounter, you must attempt a new saving throw against the curse; on a failure, you become confused for 1 round. This is an incapacitation effect.

Curse of SlumberCurse 11

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 117
This legendary curse sends you into a sleep indistinguishable from death.

Saving Throw DC 28 Fortitude; Effect You fall asleep for 1 round (or permanently on a critical failure) and seem to be dead; a creature must succeed at a DC 30 Medicine check to realize you are alive. Noise doesn’t awaken you, but taking damage gives you a new saving throw against the curse.

Reviling EarthCurse 12

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 117
A reviling earth curse usually appears across a specific geographical region, such as a ruined town, a necromancer’s domain, or a similar area.

Saving Throw DC 30 Fortitude; Effect When you enter the area, you become doomed 1, or doomed 2 on a critical failure.

Spirit AnchorCurse 13

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 117
This curse prevents your soul from moving on after death.

Saving Throw DC 31 Fortitude; Effect If you die while affected, your spirit is anchored to the Material Plane, and you become a ghost or other incorporeal undead.

Unending ThirstCurse 15

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 117
This curse kills through dehydration in the same vein as the curse of the ravenous, but with deadly speed.

Saving Throw DC 32 Fortitude; Effect You gain no benefit from drinking water or other liquids and begin suffering from thirst. Each day, you receive a new saving throw against the curse.

Reviled of NatureCurse 18

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 117
This curse makes the hunter into the hunted, drawing the ire of animals wherever you go.

Saving Throw DC 38 Will; Effect Creatures of the natural world abhor you. Whenever an animal becomes aware of you, it must attempt a Will save against the curse. On a failure, it attacks you and fights to the death.

Thief's RetributionCurse 19

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 117
This punishment causes you to lose something dear to you whenever you rob or steal. If you have nothing to lose, the curse exacts its punishment upon your body instead.

Saving Throw DC 39 Fortitude; Effect Each time you steal something, you lose something more valuable—this item is whisked away and can’t be found again. Typically this item is one of greater monetary value, but it might be one of greater value in another sense, such as one of greater emotional value, or something you need to complete a task. If you aren’t carrying anything of greater value at the time of the theft, you lose one of your limbs instead, taking 10d6 slashing damage and losing use of that limb. The damage can’t be healed, nor the limb restored, until the stolen item is returned, even through use of spells like regenerate.

Sword of AnathemaCurse 20

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 117
With divine intervention, followers of a deity can bestow this curse upon an enemy of the faith.

Saving Throw DC 40 Will; Effect You are marked by the deity invoked as an enemy of the church. You gain weakness 10 to damage dealt by worshippers of that deity.