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PFS StandardBlood Hag

Blood hags, also known as soucouyants, infiltrate communities in the guise of young, innocent humanoids. This disguise is more than an illusion, for a blood hag wears the skin of a previous victim to hide her true appearance. During the day, her disguise is almost perfect, especially if the community knows nothing about the person the hag is pretending to be. But after sunset, the creature sheds her skin, hides it in a safe place, and stalks the night to drink the blood that sustains her.

Able to travel quickly in the form of a ball of fire and to slip through keyholes or the slightest crack in a door or window, blood hags feed on sleeping victims then return home before morning to don their stolen skin.

Recall Knowledge - Humanoid (Society): DC 24
Unspecific Lore: DC 22
Specific Lore: DC 19

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Proficiency without Level

Blood HagCreature 8

Legacy Content

CE Medium Hag Humanoid 
Source Bestiary 3 pg. 130
Perception +17; bloodsense (imprecise) 90 feet, darkvision
Languages Abyssal, Aklo, Common, Infernal, Jotun
Skills Acrobatics +15, Athletics +16, Deception +19, Diplomacy +17, Occultism +14, Stealth +17
Str +4, Dex +5, Con +2, Int +2, Wis +3, Cha +5
Bloodsense A blood hag can sense the presence of blood and creatures with blood. She can tell the difference between spilled blood and the blood within a living creature.
Coven A blood hag adds death ward, fiery body, and nightmare to her coven's spells.
Borrowed Skin A blood hag wears a covering of skin stolen from a humanoid creature she has killed, hiding her true form and granting her the effects of a 4th-level misdirection, with herself as the primary target and the creature whose skin she is wearing as the secondary target. Spreading coarse salt inside the skin prevents the hag from putting it back on, forcing her to keep her fiery form until she kills another humanoid and spends 1 hour turning it into a new disguise.
AC 26; Fort +14, Ref +17, Will +17
HP 170; Immunities bleed; Resistances fire 10; Weaknesses cold iron 10
Speed 25 feet
Melee [one-action] claw +18 [+14/+10] (agile), Damage 2d8+7 slashing plus GrabMelee [one-action] jaws +18 [+13/+8], Damage 2d12+7 piercingRanged [one-action] firebolt +19 [+15/+11] (agile, fire), Damage 2d10+8 fireOccult Innate Spells DC 26; 4th charm, sleep (×3)
Assume Fiery Form [three-actions] (concentrate, fire, occult, polymorph, transmutation) The blood hag removes her borrowed skin and transforms into a brilliant ball of fire. She becomes amorphous, gains the fire trait and a fly Speed of 60 feet, becomes immune to fire, and emits light as a torch. She loses her melee Strikes and can't Drain Blood, but she deals 3d10 fire damage (DC 26 basic Reflex save) to each creature that touches her, as well as to each creature that succeeds at a melee Strike against her with an unarmed attack or from an adjacent space. If her skin is intact, she can return to her normal form by spending a single action that has the manipulate trait while adjacent to the skin.
The hag can instead Assume Fiery Form as a single action, bursting through her skin in a blast of flames. Doing so destroys her borrowed skin and deals 9d6 fire damage (DC 26 basic Reflex save) in a 20-foot emanation.
Drain Blood [one-action] (necromancy, occult) Requirements A grabbed, paralyzed, restrained, unconscious, or willing creature is within the blood hag's reach; Effect The hag sinks her fangs into the creature to drink its blood. This requires a successful Athletics check against the victim's Fortitude DC if the victim is grabbed and is automatic for any of the other conditions. The victim becomes drained 1. The hag regains 15 Hit Points, gaining any excess HP as temporary Hit Points that last for 1 hour. Drinking blood from a creature that's already drained doesn't restore any Hit Points to the hag but increases the victim's drained value by 1, killing the victim when it reaches drained 5.
A victim's drained condition decreases by 1 per week. A blood transfusion, which requires a successful DC 20 Medicine check and sufficient blood or a blood donor, reduces the drained condition by 1 after 10 minutes.

Sidebar - Treasure and Rewards Blood Hag Skin

A slain blood hag's skin can be used as a component in dark rituals invoking demonic powers. A hero who knows this usually destroys the skin. Less scrupulous adventurers can sell this prize for a substantial sum (80–120 gp). They may later learn that they have helped the buyer unleash a terrible scourge upon the world—if the buyer doesn't kill them first.

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Source Bestiary pg. 200
Malevolent crones who lurk at the edges of civilization, hags use their deceptive, magical abilities to prey upon humanoids, manipulating and corrupting them. Some say hags arose from fey that became twisted by their inner selfishness. Hags gather together in covens for greater power, craft unique magical items known as hag eyes, and are known to replace infant humanoids with their own offspring—these children are changelings who have the potential to become hags themselves.

Foul creatures who appear as wizened old women, hags share little in common with the humanoids they terrorize. They are hateful entities whose greatest joy lies in the corruption and ultimate destruction of anything good and virtuous. Whatever power created the first hags is lost to time, but numerous hag varieties have arisen over the ages, each with their own powers and abilities to spread pain and suffering.

Sidebar - Advice and Rules Hag Covens

Hags are dangerous enough on their own, but when they gather in threes to form covens, they grow much more powerful.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Haters of Humanity

Hags loathe all humanoid races, but not equally—the brunt of their wrath is leveled against humans. Hags prey on human society the most, adding human flesh to their cauldron and snatching newborn children before replacing the babes with their own progeny as changelings.

Sidebar - Related Creatures One-Sided Rivalries

The hateful creatures known as skelm have much in common with hags, and evidence suggests that they might have some ancient or metaphysical connection to one another. Skelms maintain that they have been unfairly cursed or betrayed by hags and use it as an excuse to antagonize hags. More often than not, hags pay no more attention to skelms than they do any other creature.

Sidebar - Related Creatures Other Hags

The four types of hags presented here are but the most notorious of their kind. Others—such as the blood hag, moon hag, storm hag, and winter hag—plague society in other regions of the world.

Sidebar - Advice and Rules Supporting Characters

Hags don't have to be the main threat of an adventure. Heroes must sometimes seek out knowledge or power from someone known to be dangerous or treacherous, a role that hags can fill quite well. When not terrorizing humanoids, hags explore forbidden magic from sources that decent folk would never consider.

Sidebar - Additional Lore The Nature of Hags

Some believe that hags possess no true form or body of their own, but instead manifest from society’s fear of aging. That no known male hags exist has also puzzled scholars, but perhaps this is but another way in which hags mock society—by presenting themselves as awful stereotypes of elderly women.