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Choosers of the slain and so-called angels of battle, the song of the valkyries plays wherever steel rings against steel. Valkyries are humanoid individuals of impressive physical stature who seek the most epic battles and legendary conflicts so that they can lay claim to the souls of the world's greatest warriors. The valkyries transform these souls into the implacable immortals known as einherjar.

Valkyries most often serve gods of battle and war, though a valkyrie might pledge their service to any deity they consider worthy. Gorum is particularly well known for having valkyrie and einherjar servants, though he isn't the only such deity. Besmara also has valkyrie servitors, and many stories of “ghost ships” actually reference accounts of encounters with ships manned by einherjar crews devoted to the Pirate Queen.

Recall Knowledge - Monitor (Religion): DC 30

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ValkyrieCreature 12

Source Bestiary 3 pg. 281
Perception +22; darkvision
Languages Common, Jotun; ravenspeaker, tongues
Skills Acrobatics +25, Athletics +25, Diplomacy +23, Intimidation +23, Religion +22
Str +7, Dex +5, Con +5, Int +3, Wis +4, Cha +5
Claimer of the Slain (divine, necromancy) Valkyries can detect the souls of those recently slain in combat. A valkyrie spends 10 minutes praying over the body of a creature who has been dead for no more than 12 hours; if that creature is worthy of becoming an einherji and of the appropriate alignment, the valkyrie transforms that creature into an einherji.
Ravenspeaker (divination, divine) Valkyries use ravens as servants and spies. They can speak with ravens, and they can have up to three raven servitors who follow their commands. Valkyries can constantly observe whatever their commanded ravens sense.
Items +1 striking returning spear, +1 resilient breastplate
AC 33; Fort +24, Ref +20, Will +23
HP 215; Resistances electricity 15
Attack of OpportunityReactionReaction
Recall the FallenReactionReaction (divine, healing, necromancy) Frequency once per day; Trigger An allied creature within 60 feet who isn't a construct or undead is reduced to 0 Hit Points and their dying value is 2 or less; Effect The valkyrie restores 5d10 Hit Points to the target.
Speed 25 feet, fly 60 feet
Melee Single ActionSingle Action spear +28 [+23/+18] (magical), Damage 2d6+15 piercing plus 1d12 electricityRanged Single ActionSingle Action spear +26 [+21/+16] (magical, thrown 20 feet), Damage 2d6+15 piercing plus 1d12 electricityDivine Innate Spells DC 29; 7th plane shift (self and mount only); 6th disrupting weapons, heal, heroism; 3rd augury, sanctified ground, status, wanderer's guide; Constant (5th) tongues
Storm of Battle Two ActionsTwo Actions (divine, electricity, evocation) The valkyrie hurls her spear into the air, creating a massive storm in a 100-foot burst. Spears of lightning rain down upon enemies in the area, dealing 4d12 electricity damage (DC 32 basic Reflex save)

Sidebar - Additional Lore Boneyard Advocates

While praying to claim a slain warrior, a valkyrie fractures their own consciousness into two parts: mind and soul. They send their mind spinning along the River of Souls to collect and advocate on behalf of the slain warrior's soul. When the prayer ends, the valkyrie reunites their mind and body, and they join the warrior's body and soul into a single form as a new einherji.