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Ancient Brass Dragon

Brass dragons are whimsical tricksters who delight in humor and play. They particularly enjoy conversations with humans and other civilized humanoids, delighting in the naive customs of these diminutive races without showing them haughtiness or scorn. While they may seem merely curious, brass dragons engage in this sort of conversation with the goal of keeping up to date on regional politics so they can anticipate future conflicts. Along the way, they create extensive information networks that begin with their own allies but stretch across all levels of humanoid society—networks which the brass dragon then uses to subtly assist settlements near their lair. Unlike the schemes and manipulations of blue dragons, brass dragons use their informant networks to establish justice and equality.

These carefree dragons value independence and feel that all creatures deserve to live as they please, provided they don’t harm others. They are emotional creatures and tend to have short attention spans, sometimes falling victim to depression in their twilight years. To combat this, some brass dragons keep pets and houseplants that they can care for.

Though they may seem childlike in their curiosity concerning mortal affairs, a brass dragon’s prowess in battle is no laughing matter. A brass dragon whose territory or allies are threatened is a terrifying foe indeed, quick to shed their innocent guise and unleash their terrifying might upon evildoers.

Most brass dragons live in desert climates, and while they keep their lairs hidden, they often build near humanoid settlements.

Recall Knowledge - Dragon (Arcana): DC 37

Ancient Brass DragonCreature 16

Source Bestiary pg. 118
Perception +30; darkvision, scent (imprecise) 60 feet, tremorsense (imprecise) 60 feet
Languages Auran, Common, Draconic, Gnomish, Halfling, Sphinx, Sylvan; speak with animals
Skills Acrobatics +27, Athletics +31, Deception +27, Diplomacy +29, Society +28
Str +7, Dex +5, Con +6, Int +4, Wis +4, Cha +5
AC 39; Fort +30, Ref +29, Will +30; +1 status to all saves vs. magic
HP 325; Immunities fire, paralyzed, sleep
Frightful Presence (aura, emotion, fear, mental) 90 feet, DC 35
Wing Deflection ReactionReaction Trigger The dragon is targeted with an attack. Effect The dragon raises its wing, gaining a +2 circumstance bonus to AC against the triggering attack. If the dragon is flying, it descends 10 feet after the attack is complete.
Speed 50 feet, burrow 40 feet, fly 150 feet
Melee Single ActionSingle Action jaws +32 [+27/+22] (fire, magical, reach 15 feet), Damage 3d10+15 piercing plus 3d6 fire and 2d6 persistent fireMelee Single ActionSingle Action claw +32 [+28/+24] (agile, magical, reach 10 feet), Damage 3d10+15 slashingMelee Single ActionSingle Action wing +30 [+25/+20] (magical, reach 15 feet), Damage 2d12+13 slashingArcane Innate Spells DC 37; Constant (2nd) speak with animals
Breath Weapon Two ActionsTwo Actions The brass dragon breathes in one of two ways. The dragon can’t use Breath Weapon again for 1d4 rounds.
  • Flame (arcane, evocation, fire); The dragon breathes fire in a 100-foot line that deals 16d6 fire damage (DC 39 basic Reflex save).
  • Sleep Gas (arcane, enchantment, incapacitation, sleep); The dragon breathes an 80-foot cone of sleep gas. Each creature within the cone must succeed at a DC 39 Fortitude save or fall unconscious for 1d6 rounds, or 1 minute on a critical failure.
Desert Wind Two ActionsTwo Actions (air, arcane, concentrate, evocation) Frequency three times per day. Effect The dragon calls upon the desert wind. This has the same effect as gust of wind (DC 37 Fortitude) but in a 60-foot cone. A creature that fails its save is also blinded until the end of its next turn (or for 1 minute on a critical failure).Draconic Frenzy Two ActionsTwo Actions The dragon makes two claw Strikes and one jaws Strike in any order.Draconic Momentum When the dragon scores a critical hit with a strike, it recharges Breath Weapon.

Sidebar - Advice and Rules Brass Dragon Spellcasters

Brass dragon spellcasters tend to cast the following spells.

Young Brass Dragon
Arcane Prepared Spells DC 25, attack +18; 3rd earthbind, paralyze; 2nd humanoid form, mirror image, resist energy; 1st alarm, sleep, ventriloquism; Cantrips (3rd) dancing lights, detect magic, mage hand, prestidigitation, read aura

Adult Brass Dragon
Arcane Prepared Spells DC 30, attack +24; As young brass dragon, plus 5th hallucination, tongues; 4th confusion, dimensional anchor, dimension door; 3rd locate; Cantrips (5th) dancing lights, detect magic, mage hand, prestidigitation, read aura

Ancient Brass Dragon
Arcane Prepared Spells DC 37, attack +32; As adult brass dragon, plus 7th power word blind, project image, reverse gravity; 6th dominate, teleport, true seeing; 5th mind probe; Cantrips (7th) dancing lights, detect magic, mage hand, prestidigitation, read aura

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Ancient Brass Dragon16
Young Brass Dragon7

Dragon, Brass

Source Bestiary pg. 117