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Lunar Naga

Lunar nagas are skilled diviners and astrologers whose dark scales and white hair sparkle with motes of light that mimic the night skies to which they are forever drawn. While they are less physically imposing than other nagas, they possess a graceful beauty that many find entrancing, even without the help of the naga's inherent magical abilities. Earning a lunar naga's trust is difficult, but not impossible, especially for someone who shares the creature's interest in the celestial sphere.

As they have no hands, lunar nagas use mage hand to manipulate delicate instruments and fine telescopes to observe the night sky. They track the positions of celestial bodies, recording their discoveries in esoteric journals. At their best, lunar nagas are wise and mysterious beings who seek to expand their knowledge of the cosmos. At their worst, after too much exposure to the unfathomable entities that dwell in the darkness between the stars, they become dark prophets who drive others to commit terrible deeds in the name of abominable masters.

On Golarion, the lunar nagas of the nation of Nagajor use their abilities to serve many communities as soothsayers. A few have founded observatories in which they and their followers explore the night sky. Some nagas even use their knowledge of the stars as navigators on ships or overland caravans. In the broader world, where people do not give nagas deference as nearly divine rulers, lunar nagas try to avoid contact with outsiders or use their magical powers of disguise to hide their true forms from all but their most worthy allies.

Recall Knowledge - Aberration (Occultism): DC 24

Lunar NagaCreature 6

Source Bestiary 2 pg. 178 2.0
Perception +16; darkvision
Languages Aklo, Celestial, Common
Skills Acrobatics +14, Astronomy Lore +11, Deception +15, Diplomacy +15, Nature +13, Survival +14
Str +2, Dex +4, Con +4, Int +1, Wis +4, Cha +3
AC 24; Fort +15, Ref +16, Will +17
HP 100
Speed 25 feet
Melee Single ActionSingle Action fangs +16 [+12/+8] (agile, finesse), Damage 2d6+8 piercing plus lunar naga venomPrimal Spontaneous Spells DC 24, attack +16; 3rd heal, lightning bolt, slow (4 slots); 2nd glitterdust, humanoid form, invisibility, web (4 slots); 1st charm, fleet step, heal, spider sting (4 slots); Cantrips (3rd) dancing lights, daze, detect magic, mage hand, read aura
Hypnosis Two ActionsTwo Actions (concentrate, enchantment, incapacitation, mental, primal, visual) Frequency once per day; Effect The lunar naga twists the coils of their serpentine body, causing the starlike motes on their scales to shift and move as they glow brighter, creating a mesmerizing swirl of light and darkness. All creatures within a 30.foot emanation must succeed at a DC 21 Will save or become fascinated until the end of the naga's next turn (on a critical failure, fascinated creatures drop whatever items they are carrying as well). The lunar naga can Sustain a Spell on Hypnosis. If the naga moves, affected creatures are compelled to remain within 30 feet of the naga and must spend each of its actions moving closer to the naga as expediently as possible on its next turn. If a creature is unable to end its turn within 30 feet of the naga, the effect ends for that creature. Lunar Naga Venom (poison, sleep) Saving Throw DC 24; Maximum Duration 6 rounds; Stage 1 stupefied 1 (1 round); Stage 2 as stage 1 (1 round); Stage 3 stupefied 2 (1 round); Stage 4 unconscious (1 round). Once a creature falls unconscious from lunar naga venom, they remain asleep for 1d8 hours unless woken.

Sidebar - Treasure and Rewards Lunar Naga Addiction

Some people enjoy the effects of lunar naga venom and have developed ways to enhance the euphoric qualities through alchemical refinement. While some merchants pay nagas for their venom, most hire hunters to capture and enslave the creatures. As a result, nagas despise any humanoid who sells or buys their venom for any reason. Refined lunar naga venom is identical in price and effect to dreamtime tea.

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Source Bestiary pg. 242
Nagas are serpentine beings with magical powers and keen, nearly inscrutable intellects. Physically, they resemble massive snakes with eerie visages that resemble those of humans. Nagas use their innate magic and poisonous fangs to keep all but the most stalwart foes at bay. Beyond the natural weapons they use to ward away foes, little is understood of the naga’s unsettling physiology.

Nagas are intelligent creatures with powerful needs to pursue, be they the accumulation of knowledge, the collection of rare art, or the rule of an entire nation. On Golarion, the nation of Nagajor is one such society—an entire empire ruled by nagas and populated by reptilian humanoids who serve their naga rulers with a patriotic pride that borders on worship.

Still, most adventurers interact with nagas on a much smaller scale, encountering them as dangerous guardians in remote locations or not-so-abandoned ruins. In many cases, these nagas have heard of distant Nagajor, but they are usually unwilling to abandon their own pursuits to seek out a land where they might be worshipped as gods.

Sidebar - Related Creatures Nagas and Others

Dark nagas might rule over goblins, orcs, xulgaths, or decadent folk, especially corrupt aristocrats. Guardian nagas might be found with other goodly creatures of any sort, from fey in natural sites to constructs in ancient vaults.

Sidebar - Related Creatures Other Nagas

Beyond the sinister dark naga and the benevolent guardian naga, many other types of nagas exist, including the mesmerizing spirit naga, the multiheaded royal naga, and the introspective and mysterious lunar naga.