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Jann Shuyookh

Regarded as the progenitors of geniekind, janns hold a position of esteem above the genies tied to specific planes. They possess an inborn ability to grant wishes, which the other branches of geniekind lack and greatly envy. Nomadic jann shuyookhs rarely hold court, preferring to gather only when the need arises to perform great deeds. Lesser janns respect and venerate these leaders for their wisdom and total dedication to preserving the honor and reputation of their people. A jann shuyookh reads portents and omens when dealing with duplicitous mortals.

Recall Knowledge - Elemental (Arcana, Nature): DC 28
Unspecific Lore: DC 26
Specific Lore: DC 23

Elite | Normal | Weak
Proficiency without Level

Jann ShuyookhCreature 9

Uncommon Medium Air Earth Elemental Fire Genie Metal Water Wood 
Source Rage of Elements pg. 227
Perception +18; darkvision
Languages Common, Muan, Petran, Pyric, Sussuran, Talican, Thalassic; truespeech
Skills Acrobatics +17, Arcana +18, Athletics +19, Crafting +16, Deception +17, Diplomacy +19, Survival +18
Str +6, Dex +4, Con +4, Int +3, Wis +5, Cha +4
Items +1 striking composite longbow, +1 striking scimitar
AC 27; Fort +19, Ref +17, Will +18
HP 155; Resistances elemental resistance 10
Commanding Presence (aura, emotion, fear, mental) 20 feet. A creature that enters the aura must succeed at a DC 19 Will save or be frightened 2 (frightened 3 on a critical failure), and is then temporarily immune for 1 minute. A genie (with the exception of another jann) takes a –4 circumstance penalty to their save.Elemental Resistance The jann shuyookh's elemental resistance applies to cold, electricity, and fire damage, as well as all damage from elemental sources (including environmental damage from the elemental planes and damage from anything with the air, earth, fire, metal, water, or wood trait).
Speed 25 feet, fly 20 feet
Melee [one-action] scimitar +20 [+15/+10] (forceful, magical, sweep), Damage 2d6+12 slashing and All Made OneMelee [one-action] fist +19 [+15/+11] (agile, magical, nonlethal), Damage 1d8+9 bludgeoning and All Made OneRanged [one-action] composite longbow +18 [+13/+8] (deadly d10, magical, propulsive, volley 30 feet), Damage 2d8+9 piercing and all made oneArcane Innate Spells DC 28; 7th plane shift (at will; to Astral Plane, Elemental Planes, or the Universe only); 4th invisibility (×2), read omens; Cantrips (4th) detect magic, know direction; Constant (5th) tongues
All Made One [one-action] The jann shuyookh calls upon all the elements that make up their being and chooses one. They gain an additional arcane spell they can cast at will and empower their Strikes with the element, dealing an extra 1d6 damage of the listed type. These benefits last until the shuyookh uses this ability again. Air lightning bolt, 1d6 electricity; earth one with stone, 1d6 bludgeoning; fire fireball, 1d6 fire; metal noxious metals, 1d6 electricity; water wall of water, 1d6 bludgeoning; wood wall of thorns, 1d6 piercing.Change Shape [one-action] (arcane, concentrate, polymorph) The genie transforms into a Small or Medium elemental or animal. This doesn't affect the genie's statistics, but it could change the damage type of their StrikesWanderer's Wish [three-actions] Frequency three times per year; Effect The jann instantly grants the benefits of a critical success with the wish ritual to a mortal creature. This has no cost. That creature specifies what they wish for, but the interpretation is up to the jann. A jann typically attempts to grant wishes in a way that encourages growth and exploration. A summoned jann can't use this ability.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Evolving Essence

With the return of the metal and wood elemental planes, janns found new elemental magic surging within their beings. This has caused rapid physical changes, and janns anticipate that it could eventually even change their moods and thoughts. Though most janns now feel the full breadth of elemental power, some still find themselves limited to just the elements of air, earth, fire, and water, or have diminished influence over metal and wood compared to the other four elements.

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Source Bestiary pg. 162
A unique type of genie exists for each Elemental Plane, and the bodies of genies are formed out of elemental matter corresponding to their native plane: djinn are formed from wind, clouds, and storms; efreet are fire made flesh; marids are beings of water; and shaitans are composed of metal, gems, and stone. Lastly, the jann are formed out of all four elements, and are the weakest of geniekind.

Genie Nobles

Genie nobles with titles unique to their kind (as detailed in each sidebar) rule genie society. Genie nobles are generally at least 5 levels higher than a typical example of their kind. In addition to the increased statistics afforded by their higher levels, genie nobles gain additional spells. But the most wondrous (and notorious) of a genie noble’s powers is their ability to grant wishes. Any genie noble (save for jann, who lack this power) can grant a mortal or undead creature up to three wishes within a year’s time. Many unscrupulous creatures compel genie nobles to serve them, tricking them or entrapping them with magic. However, once a genie noble grants a third wish to a single creature, they are freed from service to that creature forever.