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Zuishin are kami warriors and archers who task themselves with watching over important shrines, ancient gates, or sacred doorways. Monasteries secreted away in snowy valleys, pagodas hidden in remote forests, and archways that mark the passage into sacred hidden cities all might host such kami. With sturdy armor and hallowed armaments, zuishin fight tirelessly to drive off any evil powers who wish to desecrate their wards. Of all kami, zuishin most frequently fight against oni, as the wards zuishin guard are most often targeted for desecration by these vile fiends.

Most zuishin wear ancient armor and wield powerful weapons like swords and bows, but some might use spears, axes, or only their fists, depending on their ward and the people who make offerings there. Zuishin tend to regard mortals with skepticism. To earn a zuishin's trust, a supplicant might offer items of natural significance, such as an urn of hallowed earth, a branch from an ancient tree, or an arrangement of local flowers.

Like all kami, a zuishin might come across as reserved or even indifferent to humans and their ilk; however, this impression stems only from a zuishin's wisdom and longevity, which makes mortal affairs seem relatively trivial. In the company of other kami, however, they're unerringly benevolent and readily offer their aid to their fellows. For example, a zuishin whose ward lies nestled in an ancient forest might readily join forces with kodama in those trees to deter foes.

Recall Knowledge - Spirit (Occultism): DC 27

Elite | Normal | Weak
Proficiency without Level

ZuishinCreature 10

Source Bestiary 3 pg. 144
Perception +21; darkvision
Languages Common; telepathy 100 feet
Skills Acrobatics +23, Athletics +22, Intimidation +19, Medicine +21, Nature +21, Stealth +21
Str +6, Dex +7, Con +5, Int +1, Wis +5, Cha +3
Ward (abjuration, divine) Every kami is bound to a ward: a specific animal, plant, object, or location. A kami can merge with or emerge from their ward as a single action, which has the concentrate trait. While merged, the kami can observe their surroundings with their usual senses as well as the senses of their ward, but can't move, communicate with, or control their ward. Additionally, a kami merged with their ward recovers Hit Points each minute as if they spent an entire day resting.
A zuishin's ward is a specific gate, doorway, or shrine.
Items +1 composite longbow, +1 katana, +1 breastplate
AC 30; Fort +19, Ref +23, Will +17
HP 200; Weaknesses cold iron 10
Attack of Opportunity ReactionReaction
Speed fly 25 feet
Melee Single ActionSingle Action katana +23 [+18/+13] (deadly d8, magical, two-hand d10, versatile P), Damage 2d6+9 slashing plus 1d6 goodRanged Single ActionSingle Action composite longbow +24 [+19/+14] (deadly d10, magical, range increment 100 feet, reload 0, volley 30 feet), Damage 2d8+9 piercing plus 1d6 goodDivine Innate Spells DC 29; 5th breath of life, dimension door (×3), dispel magic, heal; 4th remove disease, remove paralysis; 3rd heal (×2); 2nd detect alignment (at will; evil only), shield other
Healing Arrow Two ActionsTwo Actions (divine, healing, necromancy) The zuishin blesses an arrow with healing magic and makes a composite longbow Strike against an ally. If it hits, rather than dealing damage, the arrow is infused with the effects of one of the following of the zuishin's innate divine spells: breath of life, heal, remove disease, or remove paralysis. The zuishin must have the spell available to cast, and using this ability expends the spell. If the zuishin rolls a failure on the attack roll against an ally who's aware of the arrow and wants to be hit, the attack hits, but on a critical failure, it still misses.Holy Weaponry (divine, enchantment, evocation, good) Any weapon becomes a striking holy weapon while the zuishin wields it. A zuishin creates arrows out of nothing as part of their attacks with any bow they wield.

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Source Bestiary 3 pg. 141
Kami are divine nature spirits native to the lands of Tian Xia, far to the east of the Inner Sea region. They serve as guardians of natural objects and places they protect—their “wards”—and are ancient enemies of the oni. Kami can merge with their wards, allowing them to surreptitiously watch anyone who treads upon their sacred grounds. Kami leave those who they deem harmless alone, but the spirits fight vigilantly to scare away anyone perceived as a threat. Kami choose their own wards, though many mortals seek to attract them to sites that might require protection, leading to a proliferation of certain trees, statues, gates, and other symbolic elements in areas where kami are known to dwell.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Attracting a Kami

Different cultures have different beliefs about the best way to attract a kami spirit such as a zuishin. Societies that strive to preserve the natural world—like elven tree-cities and small villages that balance their own population with those of other local creatures—are the most likely to be graced by a kami's presence.

Sidebar - Related Creatures Kami Allies

Kami are friends to arboreals, dryad, and other beings with spiritual ties to the natural world. Among mortals, druids are the most common recipients of kami aid, though these spirits might help anyone whose mission involves the protection of their particular ward.

Sidebar - Treasure and Rewards Kami Treasure

Kami have no use for valuables or other material possessions, but the sites they protect are often rich with natural resources or even sometimes dotted with relics from bygone eras. One of the greatest kami treasures is a kodama's straw rope. Although these ropes grant no power to mortals, a freely gifted kodama rope is seen as a mark of the utmost purity and worthiness.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Kami Worship

Although kami aren't gods, people sometimes worship or pray at a tree or location where a kami is known to reside. Kami regard this behavior as a curious affectation of mortals, and they make no attempts to dissuade or encourage such reverential treatment as long as it doesn't threaten the safety of their wards.